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Final Fantasy XV 15
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A new title from the famous and legendary Final Fantasy series , with many years of adventures on their backs, Square Enix comes to Xbox One. A video game based on the fable Nova Crystallis also inspires Final Fantasy XIII , but in this case has a strong orientation towards the action genre. Unlike all previous Final Fantasy games, the combats in this new release will be in real time, and have a battle system in the style of Kingdom Hearts , but with more action. The main argument of the title, focuses on a world in which the only crystal belongs to the Kingdom of Lucis, and where Noctis Lucis Caelum is , contrary to his wishes, the heir to the throne of the kingdom that has long been threatened by nation Niflheim . Everything looks better when the two countries decide to sign a peace treaty that will end a situation that could end in war. However, Niflheim decides openly attack the Kingdom of Lucis . At that time Noctis decided to form a resistance group to fight Niflheim and that is where our adventure begins. With superior graphics to earlier deliveries, a fully innovative combat in the series, and using all the power of next generation consoles Graphically , Final Fantasy XV will make us live a new and exciting adventure , any follower extensive series should not miss.

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Its very good game

January 23, 2017
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