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Description & requirements

What is Death Stranding's cd key?

The cd key, or STEAM Key, is a digital code that will allow us to download the Death Stranding game in our PC from the Steam game platform. A series of numbers and letters that when introduced in our library of games will allow us to download this game in digital form.

How can we find the cheapest price for the Death Stranding TEAM key?

That's our job and we do it very well! From Gocdkeys we offer a comparison of prices and stores that sell the digital version, in the form of code, STEAM key or Steam Gift of Death Stranding. Simply enter the list and you will see all prices ordered from lowest to highest, so it will be easier to find the best deals and prices in a complete selection of online stores specializing in the sale of digital games. 

You can use our filters to filter by versions or activation regions, to make it easier to find the cheapest Death Stranding edition that best suits your needs.

Can I trust the shops that sell Death Stranding in digital version?

At Gocdkeys we have been working for years to make sure that only the most reliable stores appear in our game price comparator. Each and every one of them has been checked by our team and they offer the best guarantees that the whole process, from the purchase to the delivery of the game keys, is done in the fastest and easiest way possible.

What digital versions of Death Stranding are available?

Although from Gocdkeys we indicate that this is the cd key, it can also be available in "Steam Gift" format which means that instead of receiving a code or digital key after purchase, we will receive an activation link, which will activate the game directly in our game library. Steam Gifts can be regionally locked, so please pay attention before purchasing this version.

You will see on a label, next to the price, the version or edition that is sold in each of the stores. If none of them appears, it means that it is a standard version of the game and in digital key format.

What do I do after buying the Death Stranding key in any of the stores that appear in Gocdkeys?

Now it's time to activate the game! Right after your purchase in any of the online stores listed in our platform, you will get in your email the digital code or key of the game. After that, and always depending on the version of the game you have bought (cd key or Steam Gift) you will have to enter this key in your "Game Library", in "Add product" and in a matter of seconds the download of the game will start.

If it's a Steam Gift version, simply log in to your account and click the activation link that we've sent you in your email.

Before you buy Death Stranding you should know that...

Sam Bridges must face a completely transformed world. After the collapse of civilization, Sam Bridges must travel through a devastated landscape full of otherworldly threats to save humanity from the brink of extinction.

From the legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes a totally new and genre-defying experience. In the near future, mysterious explosions have shaken the planet, triggering a series of supernatural events known as the Landing of Death. With spectral creatures ravaging the landscape and the planet on the brink of mass extinction, it's up to Sam Bridges to travel across the devastated wilderness and save humanity from imminent annihilation.

Comments and reviews

Highly recommend playing on 'very hard' difficulty. - Be the true Legend of Legends of Legends!
The game has lots of mechanics that unfortunately get underutilized on normal and even hard difficulty, you'll find you'll hardly ever need to replenish your stamina, take a rest at a shelter, change your boots that much, or have to care about repairing your cargo all that much - it's only ever just enough to make it not simply "walk from place to place". The mules never really feel that threatening and overall it's a very chill game. Which is nice. But if you're coming from PS4 having played it already (like me) or are finding yourself bored with the game and wish you had more stats to keep track of and want to actually be somewhat afraid of mules - go for Very Hard. It actually feels like this is how the game is meant to be played - you actually feel the impact and care of each delivery in a more meaningful way with greater challenge and having Sam be completely exhausted. Plus the game gives you more credit and awards for doing so, which is also nice.


Clearly I tell you to buy it, it is amazing, but I tell you, it is NOT an ordinary game, I would recommend that first of all you see a little game, so that you have an idea, but this is very difficult because it is a game that is made for oneself to play and judge it, it cannot be judged by watching a gameplay or anything else of this style, since many people the game at first sight can bore them, I also thought that before playing it, but nothing of That is very, very entertaining despite being a very simple idea.


I think it is a game worth trying, it is true that there is a difficulty in climbing, but I think it is part of the experience, and it makes it fun


I watched this game when it came out on twitch and story is quite interesting I must say you should give it a try but this game is not for everyone


Es un muy buen juego, y muy recomendado, sinceramente siempre lo esperaba. Es mas un amigo me lo recomendó cuando salio el trailer y literalmente vi el trailer y lo quise


This game is quite good.I played it a lot and i super like it so a loot Patiently waiting for the PC release to come out. Hopefully it is as fun as it looks. I have been wanting to play this game so badly I'm almost tempted to get a PS4

May 31, 2020

I played this on ps4, it's a great game although a little slow, a lot of exporation and you need a lot of patience to get from A to B but that's the charm of it!


This game is quite good.I played it a lot and i super like it.I recomand this game.
I have been waiting to play this game so badly when it cames out.


Patiently waiting for the PC release to come out. Hopefully it is as fun as it looks. I have been wanting to play this game so badly I'm almost tempted to get a PS4

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