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Description & requirements

Important: Before buying Days Gone for PS4, Gocdkeys would like to remind you that this product may be available in different versions:

Digital version of Days Gone

This version of PS4 games is in high demand lately, as it usually consists of a key that is entered into the PSN account to activate the download of the game. In this case, the key format version of Days Gone for PS4 can be purchased at any of the stores listed in Gocdkeys. This version is usually cheaper than the physical version, although it may have a regional block, i.e. it can only be activated from certain localities or regions.

Within the digital version, there is also the account format, in which instead of entering a password in PSN, you must access with some data (username and password) to an account that already contains the game. You will then be able to download the game and enter it into your own Playstation account. For the latter format, we recommend that you read all the information on return and activation restrictions before buying the game.

Physical version of Days Gone

With the physical version we will simply receive the game in our house after a few days after buying it, like the games of a lifetime. Unlike the digital version, we will take longer to receive it at home and it will be a little more expensive, since digital versions are quite cheaper than physical versions.

Should you buy Days Gone?

It is currently an exclusive game for PS4, so you can only enjoy it if you have a Playstation console. That said, if you like zombie games with Days Gone you won't be disappointed. It's an open-world action-adventure game set in a wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic. Our character has become a vagabond and bounty hunter who will face waves of zombies to survive.

If you like open world RPGs, with a high graphic level, waves of untiring enemies that chase you ceaselessly, with plenty of weapons of all kinds, among other things, without a doubt this game is your style. The ability to modify the weaponry, using the terrain in our favor, Days Gone offers not only silly fights against zombies, but also must think and create strategies with the environment to get control of the situation.

Comments and reviews

This is a really good game that you can get for only 22 euros and it just came out! Its a open world zombie game. Its amazing that you can get this AAA game for 22 euros with code GOCDKEYS

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See How They Made The Music For PS4's Days Gone

Sony has published a neat mini-documentary about the music of the latest big PlayStation exclusive Days Gone In the video composed Nathan Whitehead who worked on the Purge film series before this talks about how he went about creating the music for the game He speaks about how the sounds he went for--acoustic organic folk Americana--are rough around the edges just like main character Deacon St John is Another cool part of the video is Whitehead talking about how he came up with the musical expression for the Freakers Scoring Days Gone is the same as scoring three movies plus…

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You can't just store any weapon in Days Gone Here's how to actually use your gun locker…

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Sony's PS exclusive Days Gone has topped the UK physical sales chart once again according to sales monitor Chart-Track The zombie freaker survival game was No in its debut week and claims that spot for the second time running for the week ending May Below Days Gone the chart paints a familiar picture Mortal Kombat keeps its place at No and FIFA remains at No Red Dead Redemption continues to chart well and stays at No while fellow Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto V rounds out the top five Only one new release makes the top this week Final Fantasy…

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