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Note: This version of Battlefield V for PS4 can be in different formats. On the one hand the physical version and on the other the digital version. digital versions can be in code or account form, and both can be regionally locked, so pay attention to each of the versions in the different stores.

The new installment of DICE's prestigious war franchise is scheduled to be launched on October 19, 2018 and this fifth installment will place us in World War II. One of the novelties presented or already known, apart from the incorporation of a game modality in the form of Battle Royale, is that in Battlefield V the weapons will have their own personality, with special emphasis on the progression of each one of them, with different parts that we can modify to adapt them to our style of combat.

Another of the most popular new features in this Battlefield release is the disappearance of the old DLC business model, i.e. there will no longer be a Season Pass or Premium model, and all DLCs launched will be free of charge for all users.

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DICE Responds To Controversial Battlefield 5 Changes

A recent Battlefield V patch made changes to the values of the multiplayer game's time to kill or TTK The changes were aimed at helping new players have a better experience but as you would expect some people in the core Battlefield community understandably took issue with the changes DICE created a core playlist for the Conquest mode in an attempt to appease veteran fans who didn't enjoy the TTK changes But DICE now acknowledges in a new Reddit post that this one playlist was clearly not enough to satisfy core fans So now DICE is adding a Core version…

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PS4 Game Awards Sale Is Now Live: Battlefield 5, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, More

The Game Awards airs tonight December so if you tune in you'll see some of the year's best games get the acclaim they're due But it's not just the makers of the games who get to benefit To celebrate the year in games Sony is running a Game Awards Sale on PSN dropping prices up to on a host of PS games The deals are live between now and December so let's take a look at some of highlights Some of the heavy hitters in the group include the recently released Assassin's Creed Odyssey on sale for and the even…

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Battlefield 5’s new story mission is a resounding denouncement of fascism

No reading between the lines required but it does help Continue reading…

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Battlefield 5 Is $30 For Owners Of Previous Games (And $40 For Everyone Else)

Seems like it used to take a long time for games to dip down to half price Battlefield V has only been out a few weeks and it's already available for or for the Deluxe Edition The only catch is that you have to own and have access to a recent Battlefield game But if you don't You can still get the standard edition for from various retailers The Battlefield subreddit has been abuzz with people posting that the deal has popped up when they've signed in to games like Battlefield Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield We tested it out on…

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The Battlefield 5 balance patch is a big deal

A quick synopsis of the laundry list of changes that went live today Continue reading…

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Free Battlefield 5 DLC Coming Soon, Here's Exactly When

Battlefield V's first free DLC Chapter Overture is right around the corner Developer DICE confirmed on Twitter that after a short delay the expansion will arrive on Wednesday December It was originally targeted to launch a day sooner but DICE discovered some issues and as a result decided to push the release back DICE said it was working around the clock to fix the issues that caused the delay though the studio hasn't explained what the problems were in the first place Whatever the case the good news is that the delay was a short one DICE apologised for the…

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