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Note: This version of Battlefield V for PS4 can be in different formats. On the one hand the physical version and on the other the digital version. digital versions can be in code or account form, and both can be regionally locked, so pay attention to each of the versions in the different stores.

The new installment of DICE's prestigious war franchise is scheduled to be launched on October 19, 2018 and this fifth installment will place us in World War II. One of the novelties presented or already known, apart from the incorporation of a game modality in the form of Battle Royale, is that in Battlefield V the weapons will have their own personality, with special emphasis on the progression of each one of them, with different parts that we can modify to adapt them to our style of combat.

Another of the most popular new features in this Battlefield release is the disappearance of the old DLC business model, i.e. there will no longer be a Season Pass or Premium model, and all DLCs launched will be free of charge for all users.

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Battlefield 5’s content roadmap flummoxes developers and players

EA DICE Electronic Arts Bottom line New vehicles aren t coming before this fall Continue reading…

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Battlefield 5’s 5v5 competitive mode is ditched

Fighting on the Al Sundan map part of Battlefield s Chapter DLC Defying the Odds EA DICE Electronic Arts DICE focuses efforts on fixing problems with Chapter DLC getting ready for Chapter Continue reading…

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Battlefield 5's Competitive 5v5 Mode Has Been Cancelled

The latest chapter in Battlefield V's Tides of War has introduced new content to the game over the past few months including free maps weapons vehicles and quality of life improvements An adverse effect of all this new content however is that Chapter Defying the Odds has also introduced a number of issues to the overall quality of the Battlefield V experience As a result the upcoming competitive v mode has become an unfortunate casualty In a post detailing the current status of Battlefield V DICE senior producer Ryan McArthur has provided an update on the studio's current commitments We've…

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Battlefield 5 Adding New Free Map Tomorrow

A new map is coming to Battlefield V very soon Marita the next free map to arrive as part of the game's Chapter Defying the Odds expansion will roll out on PS Xbox One and PC tomorrow July The map will go live on all platforms alongside the game's update at AM PT AM ET AM BST PM CEST Set in Greece Marita emphasizes verticality and firefights making for an intense addition to the rotation As developer DICE describes Deploy on a sloping mountain ridge and within the tight streets of a rural town on this infantry-focused map Tanks and…

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New Battlefield 5 "Finger Gun" Discovered, And It Has The Most Unsettling Reload Animation

Players have discovered a neat new Battlefield V Easter Egg but it has a horrifying twist Players recently came across finger gun Easter Egg in the World War II shooter and it's just what you'd expect It's a weapon where the player's hands come together to mimic the look of a pistol The Easter Egg is quite robust Fire the weapon and your character will yell ka-pow and pew-pew as comic book-style graphics appear on screen But then it takes a turn for the worse You might have even seen it coming How does one reload a finger gun The…

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Battlefield 5's Next Free Map Is Out Now, And It Might Look Familiar

It's a big day for Battlefield V as the World War II shooter's next free map has arrived The map Al Sundan came to Battlefield V today through the Chapter Defying the Odds update Al Sundan is set in the North Africa desert and players may note that it looks familiar That's because it is pulled from the single-player mission Behind Enemy Lines from the Under No Flag chapter of the campaign Al Sundan is described as a versatile map that supports numerous different play-styles The map features a number of different vehicles and planes while there are six different…

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Battlefield 5: Conquest Gameplay (No Commentary)

Battlefield 5: Conquest Gameplay (No Commentary)

Battlefield 5: Conquest Gameplay (No Commentary)

Battlefield 5: Conquest Gameplay (No Commentary)