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This version of ARK Survival Evolved is a cd key, also known as digital format, and is cheaper than other versions. From Gocdkeys we group both official (Steam) and unofficial (G2A, Instantgaming, Kinguin,...) stores that sell the ARK Survival Evolved key to offer a price comparison to our users.

We can buy ARK Survival Evolved from the STEAM store at a price of 54.99€ which will automatically add the game to our "Game Library" and we can start downloading.

Or we can buy ARK Survival Evolved in other online stores such as G2A, InstantGaming or Kinguin, among many others, at a cheaper price than the official STEAM store. These "Unofficial" stores sell activation codes, known as cd keys or STEAM Keys (although it may also be available in STEAM Gift version). The activation of these digital codes is completely legal and does not pose any risk to users.

ARK Survival Evolved is a survival game in a world full of dinosaurs, RUST style but with giant reptiles as companions. Our adventure will begin as a man, or woman, naked and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK. 

Once standing, we must hunt, collect resources, create all kinds of handicrafts that will increase our survival, collect crops, research technologies and build a shelter to withstand the elements and predators. We will have to use all our talents of survival, cunning and intelligence to collect the necessary resources in order to survive in a very dangerous world. We will be able to kill and even domesticate the dinosaurs and other primitive creatures that roam these lands, and team up with other players to increase our chances of survival. 

A new adventure that will limit our ability to survive in this inhospitable world.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 60 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requires broadband internet connection for multiplayer

Comments and reviews

Who has not imagined mounted on a T-Rex, sow panic and be the king of the jungle? Well this is one of the thousands of things you can find in the game.
After my already more than 160 hours played, I will try to get an review as complete as possible.

I must start by saying that for me is the best survival game I've played to this day and I start ducking squarely in its gameplay, its pros and cons;

I begin by saying that the game is "early access" and this may be an advantage for many (as you will see how the game evolves and you're finding you new patches that introduce improvements and content) or a disadvantage as you will find numerous "bugs" or errors yet to fix, but then delve into this topic.

Enter the field, and we have a very complete game up being a good survival, we mixed in a mapping with a myriad of dinosaurs that I'm sure will engage more than one, and now with the new release of the film ! Well in the game you have to work, or play as you take it;) for tens of hours to get the most out of the game and to explore all possibilities. We start being more like an Australopithecus homo sapiens simply because of the shortage of tools that we have in the early game (or initial phase of the game). We work hard collecting and facing against numerous dinosaurs fight for their own survival to grow and to build our own home. In addition as we go gathering, fighting, creating going to go up a level and we will be entering new crafteos (designs to create objects) as well as improving our statistics at will, which is appreciated. Co **, he is missing in other survivals able to build a murderer Super rivals knock down a good pineapple, or a super fast dwarf that not a kidnapper! Because yes, also it has an authoring system that ... will not leave anyone indifferent. You can create true monstrosities!
Turning to the gameplay, you'll have hundreds of hours ahead to discover all the content offered by the game. And in order to achieve the ultimate game objects you must reach the last levels, so .. take it easy, friend.

Let us now analyze the things you can do in the game itself. For this I must first explain that there are two types of servers, PvE (in which you'll focus more on survival against the machine, ie against the dinosaurs themselves) and PvP servers, where you suffer for keeping your housing intact against other players. Both servers have their problems and advantages, happened to talk to you about, because it is an interesting topic and you should know before buying the game.

- The PvE servers have the main advantage that do not have to fight against other players, so you'll be "on your ball" building your house to your taste, capturing your dinosaurs knowing that nobody will kill, etc. So we would say that is a lighter experience for those who like to take the game more calmly. The main advantage is that come a time that you do monotonous, but I assure you it will cost you several hours to get to that point. So we would say that if you want to gain experience and have a first contact with the game, this is your type of server.

- The PvP servers will take you to the more radical end of survival, where you have to fight every day to keep alive the flame of your home, fight to protect your dinosaurs, and make your own attacks on other rival tribes. For my taste this kind of servers are the best (again, for my taste). Instead they have a fundamental flaw that we can not overlook, and that YOU TAKE ACCOUNT!
In this type of server you'll have to protect your house very well if you do not want every night you the wrecking, because do not forget that when you disconnect, your character stays there, unconscious, and they can abuse you: / So it will require great initial effort, and there will be people who kill not your dinosaurs to grow, which can lead to a level that the game reaches desquiciarte. This has a remedy, and are unofficial servers (many obvious people or unknown, and instead, for my taste are best) on them are getting standards (good to protect new people, to put limits on attacks on other tribes, etc) in addition to find active managers that will keep the "rabble" we all know away. So that I highly recommend you to consider.

That said, I suppose you will become an idea of ​​the great content that has the game, but hey, the highlight and what I like is the subject of dinosaurs which you can domesticate (if you heard right) in addition to you can tame the vast majority of bugs that you encounter. In another much you can mount them and use them for your own help, either to collect as if it were a tractor, either to easily kill other creatures to explore, etc.
I forgot! the mapping is quite large areas with lots of features, such as mountains, beaches, lakes, even the island of death! Yes, it is named and you can imagine why ...>. <

For the hardiest consoles I have good news, the game is very well suited to command, and will also be available on consoles!

As for the audiovisual section, it is wonderful, has excellent graphics and good amazing atmosphere that'll put you more in the role of surviving in the jungle. Although I have to say that some sounds, such as climbing stairs, are pretty bad, and I hope to improve. But you could say that in the global is careful not disappoint, also has a good soundtrack.

What I will disappoint you are the requirements demanded by the game:
Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
Memory: 4000 MB RAM
Graphics card: Compatible DirectX 11 GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Hard disk: 20000 MB space available

Do not be alarmed, this is one of the things that improve almost weekly. I still remember when I got the first day with my I7 and my 760 and I was wrong in low graphics ... what came bitchy me -.- "But today I have the graphics on high (I still have to try them in epic ) and it runs stable at 40-45 fps me. so I'm sure that will further improve.

Many also wonder RUST differences versus its main competitor, and I must say that on the issue of survival are very similar but for me, the theme of dinosaurs gives a touch "special" to play. But on the issue of buildings and crafteos it is quite similar.

Iwould finally, as I said before, the theme of the game is in early access or early access, meaning that the game is not over. Personally, it is an advantage, and the great work they are doing. You find patches almost daily, you see errors and a few days are solved it encourages you to play as you feel firsthand how the company is working hard to improve the gaming experience. They add new content almost every week (new objects, dinosaurs, etc.) On the other hand, you find numerous bugs or errors that annoy you at certain times, for example I lost a T-Rex that was very gained a level because of a bug, but hey, is what you face buying it and playing it now. This is because your decision, but do not be alarmed, this type of bugs is rare!

Therefore, we will make a balance for those who are lazy and do not feel like reading the whole review!

+ Great content.
+ Dinosaurs to shovel, domesticable tip and you can ride.
+ Good build system, to have the strength to your taste.
+ Good graphics and good sound atmosphere.
+ Good leveling system and improving your character.
+ Ability to play with control in the PC version also well suited where will not miss any interaction.
+ Official and unofficial servers that will satisfy your own requirements. In addition to finding possible PvE and PvP servers.
+ Patches daily and new content almost weekly.
+ Mapped large enough that it will take hours to explore.

- Great requirement to play high / epic.
- Bugs that hinder your gaming experience.
- In official servers you will be constantly assailed by more advanced players (therefore recommend unofficial servers).

Let me guess something in the pipeline, but hope you like to get an overall idea of ​​what you're going to find you in it. And nothing to enjoy!

Luis260983 May 08, 2016

ARK is a very fun game because you can do almost anything (riding dinos, creating a base, destroying other player's bases etc.). The only problem this game really has is network syncronization and FPS lag. It's optimized very bad and runs at 40 FPS on a RX 480.


A beautiful and well designed survival game of todays' standards. A most compelling scenery with stunning graphics of dinosaurs of the greatest kind. An epic experience with friends ... and this is just the beginning, get in the game and find out !


This game is amazing with the fun of dinosaurs and mythical creatures and then you fight bosses who wouldn't love that! this game is a dino game about humans and knocking dinos out for a chance to get stronger anybody would love this game if they tried it!

January 12, 2021

i have it on epic and i want to play wmy friends on steam so i can say its a good game
this game is really fun it had problems when it came out but now its very playable and I can recommend it to anyone that has a lot of spare time


Incredible game, Incredible graphics. One of my favorites I've been playing for since the early access stage. Recommended to everyone who loves dinos!


Cual es la probabilidad de que te toque con tickets?? Porque me parece un juegazo y me encantaria tenerlo Gracias por su colaboracion y espero que algun dia este mas barato


a really good game i have always wanted to play a game like this since i was 5 years old and i think its one of the best games in the worl and really fun


love the game as it grows a lot and has a lot of content to play with and enjoy with friends.
I have been playing this game for about 4 years and I love it


I allways loved servival but ark survival evolved just takes it to the next level dinosaurs who don't like dinosaurs! I love the way u can tame them a have them as ur pet/mount and that u can breed on them and care for then


I always loved survival but ark survival evolved just takes it to the next level dinosaurs who don't like dinosaurs! I love the way u can tame them a have them as ur pet/mount and that u can breed on them and care for than

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