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Cards and credit for Nintendo eShop


Why buy Nintendo eShop cards?

Nintendo eShop cards are one of the most demanded products through the Internet and from our price comparator. With the triumph of Nintendo's latest handheld it has become fashionable to buy Nintendo eShop credit cards, as the Nintendo store offers many services that we can use with our account balance.

The main reason for purchasing these eShop cards is that we will be able to purchase the games offered by Nintendo quickly and instantly, and then download it to our Nintendo Switch.

If you don't have a credit card, or simply want to fund your Nintendo eShop account cheaper than paying directly at the official Nintendo store, this is the perfect option.

eShop card types and cheaper prices

Currently, we have available 3 Nintendo eShop cards that will offer us different balances for our account. It should be noted that these cards are in digital format, ie when you buy any of these three eShop cards, we will receive a key or code and later we will see how to activate.

The 15€ Nintendo eShop cards, which we can currently find for 14€.

The Nintendo eShop cards of 25€, which has a price of 23.99€.

And the 50€ Nintendo eShop cards, with an approximate price of 38€ for the US version and 46€ for the European version.


Remember that from our "Price Alarm" you can set a price notice, with which we will notify you when any of these products falls below a certain price, so you can always get these prepaid cards at the best possible price.

Important: It should be noted that these balance cards for Nintendo have regional blocking, ie, different versions are sold for each of the regions, either for U.S., for UK, for Europe, ... And their prices can vary significantly for each region. From our card price comparator for this Nintendo service, you can filter by activation regions depending on your preferences.

Once you have purchased your eShop credit card, how do we activate it?

Once the Nintendo eShop card has been purchased, we will receive a code in our email that we must activate. To do this, and like PSN Plus cards or Xbox One cards, Nintendo eShop cards can be activated directly from our account on the Nintendo website.

The activation process is very simple, although it depends on where we do it:

  • If you redeem it from your Nintendo Switch, just go to the eShop in the console menu, and in the left side column select "Redeem code". It is in this section where we must enter the code we have received.
  • To redeem the code via your computer, simply log into your Nintendo Network account on Nintendo's official website and the text box where you must redeem the code will appear. 

Once the Nintendo prepaid card is activated, we'll see how it appears instantly in our account, so we'll be able to start buying Nintendo games with that balance.


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