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Opinion about G2a: It is currently one of the largest game key selling stores in the world. The most important thing is that it is a markeplace, and that it is the users themselves who sell the games. Obviously, G2A offers an excellent security to its customers, with a fast and effective support, besides having an online chat 24 hours a day, so any problem will be solved instantly. It is one of the stores with more payment methods, not only PayPal or credit card. In addition, it has something that not all stores have, and that is that it does not charge fees at the time of payment, so there are no hidden fees in the price. Undoubtedly one of the best stores.

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0min. - 10min.
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Pros/Cons for G2A


Reduced prices

Compared to the official sellers, this store has much lower prices due to the format of the games.

Reduced delivery times

This store delivers any game virtually instantly, with virtually no waiting time for the buyer

Multiple payment methods

This shop offers a huge variety of possible payment methods. Remember that each of these payment methods can increase the price depending on the rates.

Good ratings at Trustpilot

This shop has an excellent rating at Trustpilot, which proves its reliability.

24/7 Support

This store offers 24/7 customer support, resolving all issues in a matter of minutes. This method of support demonstrates the reliability of the store.

Continuous Offers

This store has a section of uninterrupted offers, every day of the year.

Guaranteed money back

This store guarantees the return of the purchase in case of any problem with the games, such as duplications or activation failures. Although before they make sure that the game has not been activated.

Payment option without registration via PayPal

This store offers the option of instant purchase using the "Check out via PayPal" button which avoids having to register in the store and makes purchases much faster.


Not official store

Unofficial stores sell games that come from unauthorized sources. For that reason, there may be cases of duplication or malfunction with the keys. In that case you should contact the store for solution.

Price increased by payment method

When you go to make the purchase, the price will probably increase due to taxes, operational fees or charges for different payment methods. The increase depends on the price of the product.

Price increased by EU VAT

This shop adds an extra tax when buying a product, so the price may be increased depending on the country from which you buy it.

Many of the games are "Steam gifts"

STEAM GIFTS are another game format in which instead of sending a key an activation URL is sent, although most work well, STEAM is against this method. Make sure you know what version you're buying before you buy.

This store is a Marketplace

Marketplaces, although they can offer more competitive prices, usually give more problems when activating the keys. Make sure that when you buy from a marketplace, the seller has the highest score.

Better prices with little visibility

This store usually hides the best deals at the bottom of the web, putting a higher price in plain sight. Before you buy, search the web for the best price.


Captain Avatar
2023-09-06 17:12:57

great site, very reliable

Carlos Avatar
2022-11-19 20:03:32

i like it

ronen Avatar
2022-11-05 06:48:19

A great store! bought some apps and games from there.

Decks Avatar
2022-05-03 23:08:01

Can i buy games there?

sunan Avatar
2022-03-22 16:23:53

Great site, permanent offers and good prices, I bought programs and games from them

Magical Avatar
2021-12-24 04:56:56

wow this is sick !!!

Enrique Avatar
2021-12-09 21:15:13

Muy buena pagina siempre dan el mejor servicio, buenas ofertas y siempre tienen juegos para hacer precompras antes de que salgan.

J Avatar
2021-04-27 11:35:03

nice games it is real and its really cheap

Adrian Avatar
2020-09-08 01:39:58

very good store I have not had problems buying games in it

RexThatDoggo Avatar
2019-11-13 18:46:49


mzlle Avatar
2019-11-03 11:27:40

platforme de vente en ligne superbe avec leurs programme de fidelité ou nous gagnons des points qui nous permette de gagner des prix , en plus de ça on peut aussi vendre sur le site :)

Alexutzu Avatar
2019-09-23 19:23:09

best site!! Came and buy games for steam cheapest than on steam

SpikefallYT Avatar
2019-01-11 21:47:35

G2A is great! i got keys from them.

IPlayGamesHere Avatar
2018-10-19 00:37:54

best site you can buy games on used it many many times already

2018-09-16 03:31:52

I recommend this Website >:D

Jacob Avatar
2018-07-30 11:32:15

doesnt show same price when you get to their store

Coby Avatar
2018-04-24 03:28:54

Great site. Just choose ones with a 97%+ and a lot of sales.

Sebon Avatar
2018-03-07 00:14:56

I always buy my games there and have nice prices for them, I was never cheated even if didn't use the G2A Shield. In my opinion, very recommended store.

2018-02-16 21:47:05

A really good store in my opinion. I've been using g2a for a little while now and I am very satisfied with the service and good deals that it has to offer.

Vasilije Avatar
2017-12-24 14:57:58

Great site,used it to buy a game for me and a friend.Amazing prices,but i wish that the captcha wasnt bugged sadly!Would recommend to anyone who wants good games for cheap,but sadly they have no factorio.

Giuseppe Avatar
2017-08-18 21:40:29

Great shop if you want to buy cheap games in a safe and fast way. Great support for any problem, but generally everything goes without hassle.

Marco Avatar
2016-10-18 10:49:44

I bought here and all was perfect, no need to buy the g2a shield protection

2016-10-12 11:16:12

one of the best store

2016-08-11 18:57:28

Buying is smooth. Trying to sell is a real headache though....

2016-08-02 15:41:13

Just be careful, and you should do fine !

2016-07-27 04:42:00

He comprado muchos juegos y muy baratos. Uso bitcoins como moneda. Es genial.

2016-06-27 23:59:25

Wide selection with often the cheapest prices.

Ali Murat Avatar
Ali Murat
2016-05-15 06:32:55

Now they are working in my country, so they care about us.

2016-04-26 14:42:23

Bought multiple items from them and they are fine.

Sabri Avatar
2016-04-21 21:43:46

Best store to buy games

2016-03-18 01:38:08

the best... that is all i cann tell you

2016-03-17 23:27:57

I bought two games on g2a, everything was OK and fine, I love this store.

Ádám Avatar
2015-11-29 17:41:56

Best place to buy and sell, just needs a little carefulness.

2015-11-09 14:35:17

Very nice design and helpful staff. Bought many games from G2A in the past via PayPal with no problems at all.

2015-11-04 23:36:12

I've been using this store for absolutely ages now, and it is by far the best one out there. 100% reliable, and definitely one of the cheapest. I would highly recommend G2A to everyone.

2015-07-13 11:43:29

I bought from this store and I'm really satisfied,the sales are awesome!

2015-06-20 15:38:21

just inacceptable worse customer support - steam canceled the key and the shop doenst give me my money back although i did everything they wanted (Screenshots from steam etc) - JUST DONT BUY THERE!

Ryan Avatar
2015-06-10 14:09:07

some good bargains on this site.

2015-05-29 13:14:20

A Good Store to Shop From !

Carter Avatar
2015-04-19 14:39:33


Sergio Avatar
2015-04-16 10:02:19

Varios juegos que he comprado a través de G2A he tenido problemas con las claves,siendo estas ya usadas y tener que contactar con ellos para recibir hasta 5 claves.

2015-04-12 16:58:51

Very good prices!!!!

2015-04-11 16:48:26

This store have the best price i've seen, compared to others. Amazing!

2015-04-06 21:21:21

great store but a little bit pricey for an online retailer

Arash Avatar
2015-04-06 17:12:13

Best prices ever ^.^

2015-03-30 04:25:59

Whatever you do, if your payment is rejected by their "wonderful" security, don't make the mistake of trying a different payment method (you WILL get charged multiple times and it WILL take an ENTIRE MONTH to get your money back - even if you paid by debit card or wire or paypal. Absolutely unacceptable. Oh, and don't even bother with their "Customer Service." if you have questions about the whole thing. They will spend half an hour listing every possible thing you could perhaps have made a mistake entering (did you misspell your name? did you type in the wrong address? Did you log into another account besides yours? Did your phone number change?) All of this AFTER my bank had already verified and accepted the transaction through VERIFIED BY VISA security. Totally insane.

2015-03-26 18:49:20

Nice site!

Ian Avatar
2015-03-10 02:18:10

i bought several games (battlefield 4, dead space collection, Titanfall) from them, didn't have issues so far. got codes in about 1-2 hour. great prices

thomas Avatar
2015-03-09 03:38:54

good prices^^

2015-03-09 00:09:53

::::D Epic!!

2015-03-08 13:05:09

This is the best cd keys store! most reliable!

2015-03-07 22:47:21

I can only recommend the store! Instant delivery with no problems and extreme cheap prices. +1

2015-02-27 11:38:38

i have used G2A before good trusted site :)

2015-02-21 03:22:37

Games bought from G2A so far are good

Steven Avatar
2015-02-19 00:36:51

yet to run into a problem using these guys

2015-02-19 00:10:14

Bought 6-7 games from g2a. Everything was good

2015-02-18 20:15:12

it`s a cheap legit website! what else do you want.

Jonathan Avatar
2015-01-22 00:19:34

Excellent as they constantly provide the cheapest deals across the board and deliver quickly. One of the only marketplaces allowing you to decide between steam keys or gifts. Very trusted.

2015-01-14 15:04:17

One of the best online key stores out there. :) Love you guys!

2015-01-14 14:55:08

Very good and legit website!

2015-01-03 18:50:49


2014-12-18 13:00:00

Bought a few games from it for origin and steam and they all were valid.

2014-11-26 23:18:45

Nunca he tenido ningun problema al comprar en esta pagina

2014-11-15 11:56:51

Fast, secure, but, a little expensive

yamir Avatar
2014-11-01 17:12:36

nice store i always get that i whant

2014-10-30 16:35:13

great store always got my keys instantly and without problems

2014-10-27 09:08:20

Well, I will not say to not buy in here but I bought a Starcraft 2 key (to use through battle net) and the key didn't work. I claimed for another one and doesn't works either. Now I want my money to be refund but we will see how this ends...

Zded Avatar
2014-10-26 12:02:06

I bought a few games here, delivery was on time, and the steam keys were all valid and working, All to my liking, prices are quite low to.

2014-10-13 20:39:31

Gran tienda, con muy buena calidad y mejor precio.

2014-10-10 18:13:13

great store, one of the best

2014-10-06 17:26:48

nice game store

2014-10-03 10:35:34

this store is one of my favorite.i already bought few games,won theire fifa 15 giveaway and got 30 euro from selling few games.

2014-10-02 12:20:59

Ottimi prezzi, ottimo sito e grande catalogo!

2014-09-27 20:14:29

I really want to know how they get such low prices on so many games! it's insane how they can get such big discounts.

2014-09-27 19:39:28

Me parece increible la cantidad de contenido y ofertas que tiene esta página, entras y empiezas: ¡Quiero esto! Y ESTO, Y ESTO OTRO. Y así hasta gastarte cantidades de dinero que no son sanas...

2014-09-25 00:41:20

I want to comment a problem that I've got with G2A since they offer products in their marketplace: Every time that I bought a product through the marketplace (from other sellers that sell their products in G2A) without the G2A "Shield" the key didn't worked and I've not got any refund from they (yes, I know that if I want a refund I've to use the f**king shield, but I don't want to pay 1€ more to get that supposed "protection") I think that they are scamming users by this way, sending invalid keys to these users that doesn't use the Shield and as the user can't request a refund, the user can't do anything else than resign himself.

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