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Digital serial or cd key of Whitewash, that you must add it in a valid Steam account to download the game. Whitewash is a puzzle adventure game in first person. The story put us in the near future, which for unclear reasons, mankind had to find a way out of the Earth and settle in other worlds. the society created all kinds of technology in order to maintain a sustainable life in space. One of the great achievements of the company was the ability to launch entire civilizations into deep space in search of new worlds. Our character grows in one of these colonies sent into space to colonize new worlds, and you will soon realize that the characters who hold power are killing the citizens of these colonies in order to conserve resources. Our mission is to unravel the conspiracy and end with their power.

trailers & gameplays

WHITEWASH In Fifa 17 | Gameplay, Let's Play

Whitewash gameplay HD - First-Person Puzzle Adventure - [PC - 1080p]

Whitewash Indie Gameplay

Whitewash - Gameplay Trailer

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