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In this title, reminiscent of the Grand Thef Auto series , will be Aiden Pearce , a brilliant hacker and former bully, whose criminal past has led him to a terrible family tragedy. Now, pursuing those who hurt your family , you can hack everything around you , thanks to our knowledge of technology and manipulating network connections in the city. We can access the security cameras are everywhere , download personal information in order to reach our goal , controlling traffic lights to cause havoc in traffic ... and much more. Anything connected to the network can be controlled for our purposes, which makes us a kind of God who controls everything. Watch Dogs takes place in a fully alive city, where our Smartphone will be our main weapon and with which we can monitor in real time all the infrastructure of the city. Catch your enemy manipulating traffic lights. Stop a train and avoid the authorities . Away from your chasers quickly raising a bridge ... Everything that is connected to CTOS system in the city can be your weapon. The new system links solo modes and multiplayer a unique experience , which means no menus , no loading screens, there is only multiplayer action in an open world , competing directly with hackers worldwide . But not only have the phone during our adventures in this vast city, also will have standard weapons and more than 65 vehicles, each with physics to move around the city while we complete our missions.

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