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Warframe Lightning Pack
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Watch Warframe Lightning Pack  trailer

You can buy Warframe Lightning Pack cd key for PC in digital download version at the best price from our selection of the best online gaming stores! This product is a CD key or digital serial for Warframe Lightning Pack wich you will must activated through the Steam games platform. After buying Warframe Lightning Pack cd key, you will receive by email an activation code or serial, that you need to enter into your Steam account to proceed with the download of this game. Increases your movement with Exilus mods. This Pack will allow us to move forward with our Warframe at breakneck speeds while increasing our arsenal. The Lightning Pack contains generous amounts of platinum, Credits, motion updates, Boosters and Cards Mod. 1500 Platinum coins to buy new Warframes, Archwings, weapons, pets and more. 150,000 credits to buy new upgrades or improve our arsenal. 20 Random Mods and 10 Rare Mod Cards, more difficult to find. Adds Lightning Mod Dash, adding electricity damage and increases the speed of Bullet Jump, and increases the duration of Glide Aim and Wall Latch. Retribution Mod, which will hurt our enemies when we hit us. Also adds Rush Mod to increase speed. It also adds the Firewalker Mod, which adds heat damage. 5 adapters to instantly unlock Exilus Mod slots, which unlocks new moves of Parkour. An Affinity Booster for 3 days to level up more quickly to our Warframe, Archwing and weapons. Please review all information of each store before making your purchase, as well as the version of the game and methods of discharging the title. In case of any doubt (about the version, download forms, ...) get in touch with the store for more information about the product.

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