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Twilight Struggle
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Watch Twilight Struggle  trailer

You can buy Twilight Struggle cd key for PC in digital download version at the best price from our selection of the best online gaming stores! This product is a CD key or digital serial for Twilight Struggle wich you will must activated through the Steam games platform. After buying Twilight Struggle cd key, you will receive by email an activation code or serial, that you need to enter into your Steam account to proceed with the download of this game. Twilight Struggle is a game of strategy and management, where we will lead one of the superpowers of the world, at the present time, that present different challenges and events with each game and with which we can change the course of the history. All the action takes place on the world map, where we must move our units and influence each of the different regions and continents around the world, and where our main mission will be to win allies and increase control areas of our nation. Random events taking place during the games cover a wide range of historical events, from the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948 and 1967, Vietnam and the peace movement in the US, the missile crisis in Cuba among others. One of the campaigns available will stand during the Cold War, and where we´ll select one of the two sides, US or the USSR, and where depending on our decisions we will can change the course of history. It also has a multiplayer mode where we can face other players and where our decisions lead us to the rise of our nation or its destruction. Please review all information of each store before making your purchase, as well as the version of the game and methods of discharging the title. In case of any doubt (about the version, download forms, ...) contact with the store for more information about the product.

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