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Description & requirements

This product is a digital cd key for Total War Attila for Steam download platform, which means that after the purchase we will receive a code or cd key for Total War Attila in our email to activate it in our game library. One of the most successful strategy franchises of recent times, Total War saga is about to see his family extended which will be the last release in the series, scheduled for spring 2015. In Total War Attila we will find a dark time, plagued by famine, disease and war, where a new power and greatly threat comes from large Eastern steppes. With a million men on horseback behind him, the last warrior king dangerously close to Rome ... We'll be back in 395 AD, at the dawn of the Middle Ages, and where we manage our nation and make it an empire based on diplomacy and war. This new release will incorporate the Legendary mode, where we'll play as the Western Roman Empire, with vast territories under our control, but weakened by political infighting and threatened on all sides by enemies, so we will see how our struggle will become a struggle for survival. Improved gameplay and user interface, optimized and modified graphics, review and improvement in all aspects of the game including politics, family tree, civic management and technological progression.

Comments and reviews

Bought it 2 days ago, Great Game, shit devs, stupid DLC content that should be in the game already.

6uui March 16, 2016

Great game!

fdrph March 08, 2015

amazing game just bought it and enjoying it !

Lawa March 05, 2015

Great Real-time Strategy game!!!

jhooi95 February 20, 2015

Now, I'm playing Total War Rome II, and its a great game, this one should be the same.

CES22HN February 19, 2015

This is really a great game

Rohirrim February 08, 2015

I really like Strategy Games and this is one of my favorites

Poscus February 04, 2015

Great strategy game

kenokralj98 January 18, 2015
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trailers & gameplays

Total War: Attila - The Siege of ROME Gameplay [1080/HD]

Total War: Attila - Saxon Campaign #1 ~ Invasion of Britain!

Total War: Attila - Gameplay ~ The Sassanid Empire Campaign #1 - Dawn in the East!

Total War: Attila - Huns Campaign #1 ~ Scourge of God!

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