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The Stomping Land
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Watch The Stomping Land  trailer

The Stomping Land introduces a topic never before seen in a game. It is a multiplayer survival, but unlike the other titles in the genre of survival, The Stomping Land live our adventure in a world full of dinosaurs. We will form a tribe, set up camp and establish defenses and try to survive by killing bigger beasts of the earth in order to make our largest tribe in history. We will be hunters and scavengers, but do not be an easy task, since most of the dinosaurs can not be killed easily, and with which we can easily finish will not bring copious amounts of food. Everything depends on our cleverness and our abilities as a hunter, but also can tame these creatures to protect us from the relentless threats that haunt the earth.

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aszkresnik on January 03, 2017



mauricepol on January 29, 2016

I find this game the best of all survival games

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