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The mind game

greengair678 June 07, 2016

This game is quite the mind twisting game

funnyjol March 07, 2016
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The Stanley Parable is a meaningless game, really, beyond what we feel. It is a paradox in itself, is a metagame that is cosciente your video game condition and uses the language of the narrative itself means to manipulate the player and turn what would be a ride full of basic actions in a magnificent experience. Or maybe an empty experience. The Stanley Parable may be the best test to define what type of player you are than any other game out there. The Stanley Parable is an experimental narrative game in first person. It is an exploration of our choices, freedom, storytelling and reality, all examined from the perspective of what it means to play a video game. Shall take decisions that do not matter, you still a story that has no end. You will play a game you can not win. It\'s actually better if you do not know anything about it before playing.

trailers & gameplays

THIS IS AMAZING | The Stanley Parable #1

The Stanley Parable - Part 1 [HD] (No Commentary)

The Stanley Parable (2013) walkthrough - Part 1

The Stanley Parable - A Story About Mindfuck

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