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The Evil Within is a survival horror where our detective Sebastian Castellanos encounter a mysterious and powerful force while investigating the scene of a grisly mass murder. After seeing the slaughter of his fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, is in a world where horrific creatures roam the dead. Faced with unimaginable terror, and the struggle for survival, Sebastian embarks on a terrifying unravel what is behind this evil force books. Shinji Mikami, the father of the survival horror redirects a new game wrapped in a creepy disturbing story. Stress and anxiety increase dramatically as we explore the game world. We´ve limited resources at our disposal, so that survival becomes more complicated as we move into this perfect blend of horror and action.

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news & articles

The Evil Within 2 Revealed, Dated

Betheseda revealed The Evil Within at its E Showcase The Evil Within follows Japanese-developer Tango Gameworks' original survival horror game which was led by Resident Evil-creator Shinji Mikami It will launch October on PC PlayStation and Xbox One Back in March job listings for QA and Translation positions for Psycho Break the Japanese title of the game seemingly leaked the existence of the sequel We really dug the original back in scoring it an saying Superb gameplay a breakneck pace and terrifying enemies makes The Evil Within a wonderful survival horror experience Continue reading…

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The Evil Within 2 launches this October

Be afraid very afraid Continue reading…

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The Evil Within 2: All Gameplay, News, Trailers

Bethesda announced The Evil Within at the company s conference during E The game is scheduled to release on October for PlayStation Xbox One and PC That's Friday the th naturally A sequel to a survival horror game The Evil Within will aim to give players another thrilling and terrifying experience that's rooted in psychological horror Here s all the information that s been released so far about The Evil Within Prior to the announcement we had a couple of hints that a new Evil Within game was in the works First off Bethesda Softworks vice president Pete Hines mentioned…

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The Evil Within 2 announced, “less linear” than the first

Bethesda continue to prove that they re the kings of lyrically-relevant stylistically-incongruous music choices Wolfenstein used Wayne Newton s Danke Sch n while The Evil Within official site uses a Duran Duran cover in the reveal of its grisly horror sequel Watch the trailer below visit site to read more…

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Dad Schlock: The Evil Within 2’s gameplay trailer

The Evil Within official site clicked for me the second time I played it which makes me regret my slightly sniffy review when I read it back It s a schlocky tour through all kinds of horrors riffing on director Miyakami s own Resident Evil past as well as a host of other subgenres and tropes Even though there s a central plot underneath all the reality shifts it almost feels like an anthology Yesterday s cgi-heavy reveal trailer didn t tell me a whole lot about what to expect from the sequel but today s gameplay trailer gives a…

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New The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Clips Revealed

The Evil Within is the much-anticipated next game from Bethesda and Resident Evil creator Shinji Makami Now Bethesda is showing off some more of the survival-horror action from the upcoming sequel to 's The Evil Within The game was demoed at E where Bethesda showed off three in-game locations to demonstrate a sliver of the horror that awaits Sebastian The plot revolves around Sebastian's fight to save the daughter he thought he lost three years ago Check out some of the gameplay in the gifs below and watch our interview with the game's creators on how they're using the secrets…

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The Evil Within 2's New Trailer Features Trippy Environments, Gruesome Monsters

Bethesda has released a new trailer for The Evil Within laying out the story for the upcoming survival-horror game and providing a look at its gameplay The sequel takes place a few years after the original game and once again features Sebastian Castellanos as its protagonist This time Sebastian returns to the STEM world in order to find and rescue his daughter Lilly It's a race against the clock however as STEM is falling apart and his daughter could be lost within it forever As shown in the trailer Sebastian will be battling many monsters along the way some of…

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The Evil Within 2 Gives Players Greater Freedom To Customize Their Experience, Here’s How

Bethesda has shared some new details about its upcoming survival-horror game The Evil Within In a post on its blog the publisher shed more light on the game's customization system which sounds considerably more flexible than its precedessor's As before players will be able to customize both protagonist Sebastian as well as his arsenal of weapons This time however they'll use separate resources to upgrade the two Green Gel which customized both Sebastian and his gear in the previous game now only upgrades the hero Weapons meanwhile can now be tweaked with Weapon Parts According to Bethesda Sebastian's customization options…

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The Evil Within 2: Shinji Mikami on His Input on the Sequel

At this year's E Bethesda's Vice President of VP and Marketing Pete Hines told us that although original Evil Within director and founder of Tango Gameworks Shinji Mikami wouldn't be directing the sequel the horror legend's hands would nonetheless be all over it We got in touch via email with Mikami and The Evil Within 's director John Johanas to talk about the exact nature of Mikami's involvement the direction of the sequel and more Read on for the full interview Shinji Mikami courtesy of Bethesda Continue reading…

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Meet The Evil Within 2’s tortured/torturous artist

Let s all go on holiday To a twisted horror-world that exists solely as the manifestation of a fractured and agonised mind Sure the walls will probably bleed and that clock over there is definitely screaming about the severed threads of temporal stability but there s so much to see and do And let s not forget all the wonderful people we ll meet as we hike from one attraction to the next There s Stefano Valentini for instance He used to be a photojournalist but now he s an artist who likes nothing more than creating tableaux of peoples…

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The Evil Within 2's Newest Trailer Introduces A Twisted Photographer

Nightmarish creatures aren't the only monsters that await Sebastion in The Evil Within He'll also cross paths with many sadistic humans on his quest to rescue his daughter Lily Today Bethesda introduced one of the murderous characters Sebastion will encounter during the game the twisted photographer Stefano Valentini Bethesda describes Valentini as an artist with dark proclivities and unbounded imagination His artwork consists of gruesome photographs of his victims and moment of death tableaus that capture the last seconds of their lives Valentini served as a war photographer though an accident caused him to lose his eye and ultimately pushed…

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The Evil Within 2 Feels Familiar, But That's a Good Thing

At an early point during my hour-long demo of The Evil Within returning protagonist Sebastian ran into a room full of swinging bodies their bleeding faces obscured by white masks There was a weird red symbol painted onto one of its concrete walls A camera on a tripod was the only other object of note so I looked through it Suddenly I saw a door Had looking at the camera made it appear I was disorientated Then a multi-headed nude monster with a buzz-saw for a hand burst through the wall and screamed her way towards me Oh yeah this…

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The Evil Within 2’s feeding scene makes Resident Evil 7 look like CBeebies

It s the maggots and the split in the skin of the forehead it s the creak of a rope and the crack of a bone In an hour with a couple of chapters of The Evil Within official site I saw all kinds of gore and dismemberment but the most horrifying sights and sounds were all in the quietest moments One scene in particular ranks among the most disturbing I ve seen whether in a film or a game more…

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The Evil Within 2 Broadens Its Nightmares, Deepening The Horrors

The Evil Within was one of Bethesda's big surprises at E But despite this the publisher has been rather tight-lipped about its next foray into survival-horror which is already coming out on October Thankfully during GamesCom and QuakeCon Bethesda gave people the chance to dive into the early chapters of the game which looks to broaden its approach to depicting the horrifying and grotesque dream worlds conjured up and dismantled on the fly--and how it'll continue to torment its troubled main character Three years since the events of the first game Sebastian Castellanos has fallen on hard times Dismissed from…

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The Evil Within 2's Dev Talks Focus On Exploration, And Respect For Resident Evil 7

Back in June Bethesda revealed The Evil Within with Shinji Mikami and his studio Tango Gameworks working on the follow-up to their bizarre and mind-bending Survival Horror game Set for release on October we recently spent some time with it at both GamesCom and QuakeCon and got to see just what the team has in-mind for Sebastian's second go around in a world of nightmares and dreamscapes--and we came away feeling pretty positive about what's coming up During QuakeCon GameSpot also had the chance to chat with the creative team behind The Evil Within including game director John Johanas previously…

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The Evil Within 2's New Trailer Showcases More Story Details And Horrific Monsters

Bethesda has shared a new trailer for The Evil Within the upcoming survival horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's studio Tango Gameworks The intense video provides another look at the game's dark storyline and the gruesome creatures players will encounter on their journey back into the STEM world Set three years after the events of the first title The Evil Within puts players once again in the role of Sebastian Castellanos After learning that his daughter Lily is still alive Sebastian enters the STEM world once again to rescue her This time however he'll be faced with new…

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The Evil Within 2: See the Horrors of Bethesda's Sequel

Bethesda's supernatural psychological horror series is right around the corner being launched on October worldwide and October in Japan We recently went hands-on with a monster-filled chunk of Bethesda's upcoming sequel a few chapters into the campaign While the experience takes place in an alternate dimension drenched in an otherworldly dreamlike vibe the hellish creatures we found roaming around are very very real You can watch a few choice segments from our gameplay session below We square off against the saw-swinging corpse golem boss The Guardian and all her giggling screaming faces City hall has become a fun house of…

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Watch 40 Minutes Of The Evil Within 2

We recently played a new chapter of The Evil Within a rather harrowing section of the game framed by two boss fights These scenes recall the more action-driven side of survival horror and slightly less on the psychological aspects of the genre These sections recall the earlier works of producer Shinji Mikami like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis where facing bosses head on is seldom the sensible thing to do Instead survival means running to maintain some distance between you and a boss while scavenging for whatever items and ammo you can find And if this meaty slice is any…

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How The Evil Within 2 tries to be an open world b-movie

Let me qualify that title statement for fear it merely conjures images of a game in which you re supposed to be endlessly surprised to find more zombies lurking behind the next hedgerow A good or indeed bad b-movie is not someone sprinting aimlessly around and being constantly jumped by monsters but rather it s scene-by-scene situational What fresh horror awaits in the basement what tricksy traps and obstacles must be overcome to make it out this house alive and oh no what just happened to that helpful man in the sensible pullover In an hour spent playing Bethesda s…

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Watch an hour of The Evil Within 2’s butchery, nightmare dinners and basement portals to other realities

Last week I popped off to play Bethesda and Tango Gameworks upcoming survival horror sequel The Evil Within which adds open world elements to its stomp through a town filled with science-gone-wrong monstrosities You can read what I thought about it in my Evil Within impressions here or alternatively you can watch what I did and how many times I got killed by snickering things in the hour-long video below more…

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The Evil Within 2 Doesn't Want To "Suffocate" You With Horror Elements

The Evil Within is very much a sequel to the first game It continues the story of protagonist Sebastian Castellanos who is now seeking his daughter Lily whom he believed to be dead But it also presents players with a larger more open space to play in despite the fact that it's being developed in less time than its predecessor GameSpot recently spoke with The Evil Within producer Shinji Mikami best known for his work on the Resident Evil series and director John Johanas Mikami reiterated what we've heard before that the development period on the upcoming survival-horror game was…

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The Evil Within Director Wants To Port Sequel To Nintendo Switch

The Evil Within is out in just a few weeks for PlayStation Xbox One and PC and now producer Shinji Mikami--who previously directed the original game as well as the Resident Evil series--has said he would like to see a Switch version of the horror title In an interview with GameSpot Mikami said I think a Switch version would be interesting I'd like to try it if I had the chance While not exactly confirmation that such a port is happening it's at least promising that such a prominent figure in the series Mikami is acting as producer and supervisor…

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trailers & gameplays

The Evil Within Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Psychobreak (PS4)

The Evil Within - Gameplay - Part 1 - Walkthrough (Chapter 1) - IT BEGINS HERE!

The Evil Within PS4 HD Walkthrough Longplay Part 1 Gameplay No Commentary Longplay

The Evil Within - Extended Gameplay Video

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