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Compare best prices at online stores to buy Stellaris Galaxy Edition cd key, which is a downloadable digital version from Steam platform games. To download Stellaris Galaxy Edition, you must add the cd key or digital serial in your "Games Library". Stellaris Galaxy Edition is the top edition for the new space strategy game and management of galactic empires by Paradox. This edition includes: The original soundtrack with unique 140 minutes of music, we will not find in the game. A DLC of a unique alien race. A book of 130 pages in digital format, in which we can see all designs, arguments used in the creation of the title, stories of races, awesome artwork, and the problems the team faced along the way and much information about creating Stellaris. A novel or ebook called Stellaris: Infinite Frontiers of Steven Savile, in which we can read about the beginnings of the expansion of humanity through the stars. An unique avatar and forum icon. And a pack of wallpapers signed by the game's developer team. And, of course, it includes the original game Stellaris where we can enjoy the most impressive space strategy, explore the vast universe discovering new races, conquering star systems, exploiting resources, fighting against all kinds of enemies, investigate all kinds of futuristic technology, create imposing fleets of starships, conquer planets and more. If you love 4X strategy games and creation and management of empires, and you liked games like Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis, this is your game. Check all the information of each store before purchasing this product as well as user ratings in each.

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