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Space Rogue
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Watch Space Rogue  trailer

Space Rogue is a game that mixes themes of various genres: Strategy, management of ships, action, survival and exploration. In Space Rogue we will embody the role of a captain of a spaceship and we will must guide them through the galaxy, as we´ll struggle against pirates, discover new worlds, evolve our ship and combat against all types of threats in the universe. We will have complete freedom to explore the galaxy and even we will can fulfill a variety of missions, as we´ll invest the credits earned on improving the capacity of our ship. Collection and mining will also play an important role, because thanks to the loans obtained by trade we will can improve the living conditions of our star ship and weapons, to cope with the growing dangers that we´ll find in our journey. In the sandbox mode, we´ll can even modify the difficulty of stellar battles, modifying parameters as the strength of the enemy. A very complete game in all its aspects and with a very acceptable graphic level.

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