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Reign of Bullets
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Watch Reign of Bullets trailer

Watch Reign of Bullets trailer

Reign of Bullets is a title heir to the martian kills games of the 90s, where we piloted a ship, horizontally, through levels full of enemies and where at the end of the screen awaited us a final boss. Well, Reign of Bullets is a shoot 'em up like those but with certain peculiarities. On the one hand we have an obvious graphic improvement with respect to the titles of the last decade, and on the other hand we have the options of customization of our ship. It all begins when our character, Troy, builds in his garage a ship capable of harboring an enormous amount of weaponry. Along with our creation, we will must go through the different levels fighting a mega corporation known as Titan. Through the levels we will must collect all types of scrap and elements that we will use to perfect our ship, as well as equip it with the latest weapons. We will can opt for several ways to improve our ship: We can focus on direct damage, with adequate weaponry for this task, we can focus on the laser weapons that affect the shields and we can even choose to create an army of drones that will fight on our side . The choice is only yours.

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