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Buy Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One at best price is already possible from Gocdkeys! This product is the physical version (or digital depending on the store where it was purchased) for Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One console, the next installment of one of the best tactical action sagas. Rainbow Six Siege is inspired in missions of counterterrorism special operations teams of the world, with heavy fighting, a unique system of single coverage, military tactics and more, will bring us the action of one of the most prestigious elite police in the world . Among the most notable developments is the addition of siege mode, a new style of assault, in which enemies can convert any scenario in real forts: with all kinds of traps, fortifications and defensive systems to prevent the attack of Team Rainbow. With the addition of a new system rappel, tactical teams will have more options than ever to plan, attack and solve the most complex situations, such as hostage-taking. Remember that all stores appearing in gocdkeys have been tested by our team so they are 100% reliable, even so, we recommend to you read the information on each store about shipping times, ways of activation (in case it is digital version) and payment methods.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Hong Kong delayed while Ubi shore up game health

We re onto year of the Rainbow Six Siege official site calendar where does the time go but within that season of the tactical FPS is no longer bringing the usual new map and operators Instead the trip to Hong Kong is being shunted back while the devs devote the season to performance stability and rejigging their update pipeline This being Rainbow Six Siege it was never going to be called Q the developmental pipeline servers and game performance season and thus we have Operation Health visit site to read more…

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Rainbow Six Siege Roadmap Revised to Fix Technical Issues

Ubisoft is making the game health of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege its top priority for the next three months pushing back its Hong Kong-based Season Two in favor of Operation Health According to Ubisoft's official blog the point of Operation Health is to build a stronger future for Rainbow Six Siege by focusing on three pillars technological improvements a new deployment process and bug fix sprints Some specific goals include simplifying the one-step matchmaking process higher tick rate servers with better hit registration and more efficiently addressing community-reported bugs Continue reading…

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Rainbow Six Siege Update Introduces Loot Boxes, Balance Changes, More

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new update today preparing the game for the upcoming arrival of loot boxes Title update will also introduce a bunch of bug fixes and balance changes when it goes live on all platforms later today Siege's loot boxes are called Alpha Packs According to publisher Ubisoft they will introduce a chance-based loot system that will contain many past cosmetics like the Black Ice skins as well as exclusive Legendary tier items that you will only be able to get in Alpha Packs The company says it's staggering the introduction of Alpha Packs across platforms…

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Rainbow Six Siege to get rando cosmetic loot packs

The next update for multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege official site will add random loot packs to its plank-smashing and head-shotting Update will add Alpha Packs that contain cosmetic items like flashy gun skins spikey helmets colourful balaclavas and the like which you ll earn basically on a dice roll after every win This is part of the game s Operation Health which was the studio s way of spinning the cancellation of some seasonal stuff and postponing of some other seasonal stuff into something that sounded reasonable a health check Turns out part of getting a health check is…

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Rainbow Six Siege optimising all maps

I remain surprised and impressed by Ubisoft s long-term committment to Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six Siege official site As part of the Ongoing Health chain of tweaks and tune-ups they ve announced plans to optimise all maps including going over textures and replacing skies They want to make everything run better see They ve starting with the map Kafe Dostoyevsky which should be live soon-ish and will continue on others over the year to come more…

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Rainbow Six Siege Passes 20 Million Players

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best shooters in recent years and it's enjoying success The publisher has announced that the team-based shooter recently passed million registers players In a blog post Ubisoft added that million log in every day Our community is growing and so is our ambition to make Siege a shooter that is here to stay product director Nicolas Lefebvre said in a statement The next few weeks are very exciting as it marks the culmination of Operation Health and the release of our next season set in Hong Kong You can read more about…

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Rainbow Six Siege Hits 20 Million Registered Players

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has reached a new player milestone as Ubisoft has announced its tactical first-person shooter now has over million registered players In a post on Ubisoft's official blog the studio also confirmed that over million players are signing in to play Rainbow Six Siege each day Our community is growing and so is our ambition to make Siege a shooter that is here to stay product director Nicolas Lefebvre said More is on the way for Rainbow Six Siege players with Operation Health serving to fix technical issues and improve the overall experience and Season Three…

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Big Rainbow Six Siege Update Coming Tomorrow; Check Out Its Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege has been undergoing a substantial overhaul since earlier this summer and today Ubisoft detailed the game's next big update Title Update is launching tomorrow and it's designed to set the stage for even bigger changes coming later The update's most significant tweaks are to how multiplayer servers work After the patch goes live custom matches will have lower requirements for being hosted on dedicated servers Currently custom matches must have a full lobby within ten minutes of starting a match to get dedicated servers otherwise they'll be hosted peer-to-peer The patch makes it so that you only…

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Rainbow Six Siege Adds New Map, Three Operators Later This Month

The next major expansion for Rainbow Six Siege is just a few weeks away Ubisoft has announced the release date and contents of the shooter's next big update though we don't yet know many of the specifics Operation Blood Orchid as the next update is called launches on August for PC PS and Xbox One It adds a new map and three Operators--one more than these expansions typically include The map is set in Hong Kong but Ubisoft hasn't revealed what to expect from the Operators yet All three Operators will be available to season pass owners on August everyone…

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Rainbow Six Siege's Next Update Gets Release Date

Rainbow Six Siege's latest update Operation Blood Orchid will be released on August for PlayStation PC and Xbox One According to Ubisoft Operation Blood Orchid features a new map set in Hong Kong several new customization items and three new Operators While the map will be free to all players as of August the three new operators will be available only to season pass holders on that date Everyone else will be able to purchase the Operators on September Ubisoft will share more details about Operation Blood Orchid during its livestream at Gamescom on August Continue reading…

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Hong Kong update due August 29th

Three new characters and one new map will arrive in Rainbow Six Siege official site on August th with the launch of its Operation Blood Orchid update Ubisoft confirmed on Friday Visiting Hong Kong this content was once expected in May but Ubisoft delayed it to focus on improving the base game Operation Blood Orchid seems to be off to an amusement park which should be a lark more…

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Rainbow Six Siege's New Free Map Takes Place In A Theme Park

A bigger-than-usual expansion is on the way for Rainbow Six Siege later this month and among the contents is a new map Aside from knowing it would be set in Hong Kong we had no idea of what to expect but that's changed with the release of a video that provides a brief tour As its name suggests Theme Park is set in an amusement park It looks to be abandoned and dilapidated with plants growing over certain parts--though someone has been kind enough to keep paying the electric bill apparently It looks to be an excellent new setting for…

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Rainbow Six Siege's Next Character Teased In New Video

Following the reveal of Rainbow Six Siege's next map one of the three new Operators launching later this month has now been teased The video below offers a very quick look at what to expect from Ying Ying is one of two new characters in Operation Blood Orchid who hail from Hong Kong's Special Duties Unit also known as the Flying Tigers She carries the Six and T- LSW as primary weapon options while her secondary is a Q- Of course it's her ability that is the biggest question and we unfortunately don't get to see it fully used here…

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Another Of Rainbow Six Siege's New Characters Revealed

We've already gotten a look at one new character from Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Operation Blood Orchid expansion and now another Operator has been announced Like the previous reveal however this is more of a tease that's meant to set up the official announcement later this week Lesion whose real name is Liu Tze Long is the second member of Hong Kong's Special Duties Unit A post on the official Rainbow Six website notes that his resilience to physical hardships is what set him apart from other candidates and that he is known to take his work seriously and to…

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Rainbow Six Siege's Blood Orchid Update Releasing Later Than Expected

We continue to learn more about the upcoming Operation Blood Orchid update for Rainbow Six Siege but it turns out that it won't be available to everyone as soon as expected The previously announced August release date has now been revealed as the start date for its launch on PC's Technical Test Server The news was shared in a press release today announcing a free weekend event that's coming up more details on that below PC players will be able to check out the new Blood Orchid content on the TTS starting on August Ubisoft says it's targeting September as…

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All Three Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid Operators Revealed

Unfortunately the wait for Rainbow Six Siege's Blood Orchid update will be longer than expected In addition to a new release date Ubisoft today shared more details about Blood Orchid's three Operators While we've already seen teases for the two Hong Kong characters the third Operator has remained a mystery A post on Ubisoft's blog today provides us with the first official details on the character who is named Ela She's a member of Poland's counter-terrorism unit GROM and serves as a Defender She has Grzmot mines that can stick to any surface and detonate when they detect nearby movement…

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid delayed

Good news Rainbow Six Siege official site will be free for everyone to try this weekend and on sale half-price for keepsies too Bad news Operation Blood Orchid the next big content update for the the wall-busting tactical FPS has been delayed by one week News news Ubisoft have detailed the three new characters to be added by Blood Orchid when it does arrive Their superpowers include flash bombs and poison mines more…

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Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Coming Up

Curious about Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft has announced a promotion where everyone on PS Xbox One and PC Steam or Uplay can play the game completely free The free play weekend runs August - Presumably memberships to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live are required on console In a blog post Ubisoft clarified that all progress from the free weekend will carry forward if you decided to buy the game after the promotion period end Siege will be percent off from August through September In other Siege news Ubisoft recently announced the three Operators coming to the team-based shooter through the…

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Rainbow Six Siege's Blood Orchid 3.0 Update Patch Notes Released

Rainbow Six Siege's next major expansion is coming quite soon for free We already know about the new map and Operators but the update will also deliver a variety of other changes additions and improvements The map as previously announced is called Theme Park and is set in a creepy dilapidated amusement park In terms of Operators there are two Defenders Ela and Lesion and one Attacker Ying Lesion and Ying are both tied to the Hong Kong theme of Blood Orchid while Ela is a carryover from a previously canceled Poland expansion The other Operator from that axed update…

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Rainbow Six Siege Announces Big Map Changes

Ubisoft is making some big changes to Rainbow Six Siege's map rotation for the game's Ranked and Casual playlists Starting with the Ranked changes Ubisoft is reducing the number of maps in the mix bringing it down to nine The nine maps--Bank Clubhouse Oregon Kafe Consulate Chalet Border Coastline and Skyscraper--are the same ones used in the Rainbow Six Siege's Pro League Moving forward we will introduce the new Ranked and ESL Pro League playlists at the same time we perform the rank reset--and all of that will occur at the start of the new season Ubisoft explained The Ranked…

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All The Rainbow Six Siege 3.0 Update Known Issues Revealed

The big new update for Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid is out now on the game's testing server for PC You can see the complete list of massive patch notes here which cover things like a new map more operators and more The patch isn't without its problems however Now Ubisoft has listed off all the known issues that players may encounter in it Bugs are of course to be expected given that the whole idea of a testing server is the hammer out the rough spots in preparation for the full release You can follow the instructions here to…

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Buy a discounted SSD and get Rainbow Six Siege free

If you re in the market for a new SSD or you just happen to be a sucker for collecting a seemingly endless supply of extra storage when it gets discounted like some people look I might need all of it someday then you may want to head over to Currys PC World of all places today and grab a GB Samsung Evo SSD at the discounted price of with a free copy of Rainbow Six Siege thrown in for good measure more…

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Drops Tomorrow, Watch The New Trailer Now

Rainbow Six Siege's largest update yet Operation Blood Orchid drops tomorrow From new Operators to improvements in the game's lighting system this update may not change the way the game is played but it is a massive overhaul to how the title appears We got a good look at Blood Orchid last week with the release of the update's full patch notes Today's trailer gives us yet another look at the update's new characters Special Duties Unit Operators Ying and Lesion as well as the new Theme Park map and the new candela device and gu mines This update also…

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Rainbow Six Siege launches Operation Blood Orchid

A new map three new characters and technical improvements aplenty have blasted open the door to Rainbow Six Siege official site with today s launch of Operation Blood Orchid The new map ventures into an abandoned Hong Kong theme park which sounds splendid fun Blood Orchid is arriving a week late but was already months behind the original schedule delayed while Ubisoft instead focused on improving the base game under the name Operation Health The final big step of Health also arrives in today s update with changes from faster loading times to better hit registration more…

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Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid Update Out Now With New Operators And A Map

We had to wait a bit longer than expected but Rainbow Six Siege's next big update has finally arrived Operation Blood Orchid is out now and Ubisoft claims it's the game's biggest one to date Blood Orchid's main features include three new Operators Ying Lesion and Ela The former two match the expansion's Hong Kong theme while Ela is a carryover from the canceled Poland update All three are available now for Year season pass holders while everyone else will be able to purchase them beginning on September The new map Theme Park on the other hand is playable for…

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Rainbow Six Siege Aiming For 100 Operators

Rainbow Six Siege has just added three new Operators but developer Ubisoft Montreal isn't planning on stopping any time soon In an interview with PC Gamer brand director Alexandre Remy has said the team is hoping to reach over playable characters We are looking at developing the game with Operators he said I'll let you do the math and work out how many years that will take There's no reason for us to stop there At the current rate of eight new Operators per year that would take Ubisoft another eight years after the end of the current DLC year…

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Rainbow Six Siege could end up with 100+ operators

With Rainbow Six Siege s official site newly-launched Blood Orchid update the large list of operators has been expanded to over battle-ready killers A big number already but according to Ubisoft that list could grow to over playable classes over the course of what they hope is a long life for Siege more…

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Serious PS4 Bug With New Rainbow Six Siege Update Reported By Players

A new update for Rainbow Six Siege has been released and players on PlayStation are reporting a variety of problems with it Some of these are potentially serious enough that you may want to avoid updating or refrain from playing with the update installed until a fix has been released There have been numerous reports of the Siege update causing PS systems to crash This seems especially common when inviting players to your party and Ubisoft has specifically recommended avoiding doing so for the time being It stated We are cooperating with Sony on this issue and would advise you…

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