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Description & requirements

Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique blend of strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. The pathogen has infected the patient called zero, and now we bring the end of human history through the development of a comprehensive and deadly plague, while the rest of humanity struggle to defend against this contagious virus. The Multiplayer has several modes of cooperative and competitive game that allows you to compete in a race to kill the world. We can develop our own custom scenarios, with the creation of new types of plague, thanks to his maker levels. Now the roles have changed, instead of defending the world from a global crisis, as in most games, Plague Inc: Evolved we must destroy it.

Comments and reviews

if you like strategy games buy this game.
if you want to destroy the world buy this game.
if you and and your friend like strategy games or want to destroy the world both of you should buy this game(there is a co-op)

enderminerman July 22, 2017

If you have ever wanted to destroy the world via disease this is your game

funnyjol March 07, 2016

Un buen juego, pero quizas un precio excesivo

sergimn October 24, 2014

Bueno juego y muy entretenido, tiene varias partides de diferentes tipos y cada una dura de 45 minutos a una hora, así que es recomendable si quieres probar un género de estrategia distinto.

Kaede11 October 23, 2014
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trailers & gameplays

Free Hugs! Zombie Necroa Virus Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay

All Hail The Neurax Worm! Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay

LET'S KILL EVERYONE!! Plague Inc. Evolved

Plague Inc: Evolved PC Gameplay

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