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Orcs Must Die
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Watch Orcs Must Die  trailer

Orcs Must Die is a variant of third-person tower defense game where you control a character who carries weapons and traps. These weapons and traps are selected before you start the game and can not be changed at any time during the course of it. The main objective of the game is impossible orcs advancing through the level by placing the traps in strategic locations through the coins we have achieved before killing them and using the right weapons. The player can die, and if you do, be subtracted crack point and revive. Another way that the points of fissure decay is allowing an orc pass through the fissure (Door to defend) when the points have decayed to zero, the game ends and the player will have to start again. There is a main plot, it develops some videos before you start a level or with short comments during the level.

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2 comments about Orcs Must Die


Junebug on November 21, 2014

The amazing prequel to the fun multiplayer sequel!


sergimn on October 23, 2014

Un buen juego, mola mucho

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