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Nosgoth Warband Pack
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Watch Nosgoth Warband Pack  trailer

An eternal war between human and vampires takes place over centuries, is known as Nosgoth war, in which both races face each other for survival. Nosgoth is an online multiplayer game that puts us in a war between two sides with their own skills: On the one hand we have the human faction, focusing on ranged combat, with weapons capable to crush vampires and including are pistols, rifles, bows and crossbows. And on the other hand we have the powerful vampires, specializing in melee combat, with awesome and unique abilities. This Warband package includes: instant access to game Nosgoth, 10000 Runestones (worth $ 50) for use in the ingame store, 2 invitations to friends, 2 silver chests and 2 gold chests, the chance to reserve the name of your clan, 25% shared boost to your team and a Warband Badge wich you can show during battles.

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