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Never Alone is an adventure that takes us to a distant and small town in Alaska, called Iñupiat , consists of a few natives. Embody the role of a Iñupiat girl and her arctic fox, and we will embark on an adventure in search of the source of eternal snow storm that threatens the survival of the whole people. Never Alone offers us the possibility to play the solo campaign, single player, or play with friends in cooperative mode. We will get into the frozen tundra of Alaska, jump across ice floes, swim through underwater caves, and face many enemies. An epic adventure where we embark on a remarkable journey through the unknown.

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5/5 (4 Comments in all languages)


2017-11-11 19:59:33

A very good game but quite short, at least the story is not repetitive. The scenario is edgy, sometimes sad, sometimes stressing. Difficulty is not too high but certain passages needs you to be careful to be done. The gameplay is progressive all the game long What allows him to remain edgy and amusing. I really recommend this game !


2014-11-21 01:59:31

The indigenous people behind this project never agreed to do any non-oral presentation of their tales until now. Pretty amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

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