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Description & requirements

In Middle Earth : Shadows of Mordor we will be a character who does not appear in the movies, and whose mission is to carry out his revenge against the one who has dared to annihilate his family. The story begins the night in which Sauron returns to Mordor, where his Black Captains brutally executed the Explorers Black Gate. We will assume the role of Talion , a brave explorer whose family, and himself, are killed the same night. After death, back to life by the spirit of revenge that will help us to exterminate that such orchestrated slaughter. The events of Middle Earth : Shadows of Mordor take place between the events in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. This huge and vibrant world of new generation includes the Nemesis system . Thanks to this system , relations with the enemies and their characteristics will be shaped by the decisions and actions that we are taking along our adventure, which will create archenemies who remember and adapt to our style of play and behave differently in each session. With certain style of play reminiscent of the Assassins Creed series, since stealth and acrobatics will be present at this awesome title as well as the style and functionality of the battles that have been seen to date. As expected, not only have a tremendous adventure before us , but it will have the typical RPG elements , we can improve our skills killing enemies, improving our weapons based on crystals or runes, which we can use as we appropriate depending on the strategy and the enemies we face, turning weapons into legendary weapons. Besides all the action takes place in the land of Mordor , so the legions of enemies are guaranteed.

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