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Awesome game ! So immersive !

holla October 08, 2014
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We get into the skin of Commander Shepard, a veteran war hero who leads a small group of mercenaries from his ship Normandy. Due to recent events that plague the universe, Shepard is the last hope for all life in the galaxy. Saren, a rebellious member of Spectre agents, a group of elite and untouchable, has discovered the secret to unleashing an apocalyptic force on the galaxy, and only we interpose in their way. To save the lives of billions of living things we do whatever it takes to stop Saren and prevent the return of an ancient force bent on the destruction of all organic life. The first RPG from EA, and an amazing mix of action games, shooter and RPG.

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Mass Effect Andromeda ending analysis

Mass Effect Andromeda begins as a fairly slow-paced story of colonisation but its plot soon blossoms into something far larger - a backdrop of warring races an invasion force on a galactic scale a missing colonisation ark broadcasting a warning signal and a giant conspiracy behind the Milky Way races even being in Andromeda at all These storylines take time to progress - much of Andromeda is simply about the other Milky Way races gaining a foothold - but doing so uncovers a much deeper and more intriguing set of mysteries Exploring these threads can require hours of side-questing and…

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How to save Mass Effect Andromeda

The details of Mass Effect 's ending controversy need not be recounted as it remains one of gaming's most pervasive disappointments The damage it did to BioWare's reputation is still rightly or wrongly part of the ongoing conversation about the developer The long-awaited Mass Effect Andromeda needed to be near-perfect if it was to have any hope of restoring the series to the acclaim it once enjoyed and while it's nowhere near as bad as some quarters insist even its most ardent supporters can't escape the conclusion that Andromeda left a lot to be desired A lot Tonnes So Mass…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.06 brings boosts and fixes

A new patch for Mass Effect Andromeda official site has blasted off with performance improvements a few tweaks to cinematics and animations and plenty of bug fixes Good news your robopal has stopped lying about you having new e-mail Bad news you can no longer romance both Peebee and Cora or Vetra not that Andromeda s romances are much cop Update is now live so let s go rummage in the patch notes visit site to read more…

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Mass Effect Series on Hold, According to Report

Mass Effect Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal has put the series on hiatus according to a report A representative for EA sent us the following statement Our teams at BioWare and across EA put in tremendous effort bringing Mass Effect Andromeda to players around the world Even as BioWare continues to focus on the Mass Effect Andromeda community and live service we are constantly looking at how we're prepared for the next experiences we will create The teams in EA Worldwide Studios are packed with talent and more than ever we are driving collaboration between studios on key projects With our…

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Report: BioWare Montreal restructuring, Mass Effect’s future on hold

Much more to come from BioWare in the years ahead studio director says Continue reading…

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Report: Mass Effect is taking a nap

It s a bloodbath in Old Gamestown today Square Enix have tragically called a halt to Agent s Hitman career despite his being at the peak of his powers and meanwhile Kotaku report on rumours that EA has grounded the Mass Effect series in the wake of frowny reception to this year s Mass Effect Andromeda official site Word is that the devs have been moved onto other projects instead of the second game in a planned new trilogy It seems that the Pathfinder cannot find a way forwards after all visit site to read more…

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What Is Mass Effect's Future?

DOWNLOAD UNLOCKED Audio version On this week's Xbox show we ponder the future of Mass Effect with word of a shakeup at Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal Plus an update on BioWare's new Destiny-ish sounding IP a bit on the next Need for Speed plus word on what your money will get you if you pony up extra cash for NBA K and Injustice Continue reading…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s first tie-in story is out soon — here’s a sneak preview

Discovery investigates the true nature of the Andromeda Initiative Continue reading…

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Andromeda's Mass Effect

Welcome back to Game Scoop IGN's weekly video game talk show This week we're discussing Mass Efect Assassin's Creed the Top RPGs of all time and more Watch the video above or download the podcast below Download Game Scoop Episode Or subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode Subscribe to the Game Scoop YouTube channel and never miss a video…

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Andromeda's Mass Effect

This week on IGN's video game talk show Mass Effect Assassin's Creed the Top RPGs and more…

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trailers & gameplays

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Planetside (Mass Effect 4)

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PC MAX SETTINGS] - No Commentary

MASS EFFECT Andromeda | Combat Weapons & Skills | Official Gameplay Series - Part 1

MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA – Official Gameplay Trailer - 4K

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