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Information about Lethal Tactics Key for PC

What is the key for Lethal Tactics on PC?

It is a key that will allow you to download the game Lethal Tactics on your PC from official download platforms.

What's the best price for buying the key of Lethal Tactics for PC?

As of Monday 15/04/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Lethal Tactics on PC is $5.12.Check out our recommendations!

Purchase Information for Lethal Tactics key on PC

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About Lethal Tactics for PC

TASTEE introduces a new dimension to strategic gameplay. Form a team of unpredictable mercenaries to take on a critical task: taking down the Cartel. The game features turn-based tactics that combine thoughtful strategy with dynamic action. Community competitions are held regularly, providing real rewards. Participate in this exciting challenge and showcase your strategic acumen. Experience the deliberate planning of combat and the depth of each critical move. Immerse yourself in a compelling world where each choice is significant, and the ongoing narrative captivates. TASTEE delivers a distinctive mix of strategy that is engaging and gratifying.

  • PC


  • OS *: Windows Vista
  • Dual Core, 2.5Ghz (Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2)
  • 4096 MB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series / Nvidia GTX 200 Series / Intel HD 4400 Series
  • Version 10
  • 1 GB available space


English, Russian, German, French

Available versions of the deals:

  • All versions (2)
    -38% €5.12
  • Bonus icon Bonus (1)
    -13% €4.83
  • Steam Key icon Steam Key (1)
    -12% €6.83

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The cheapest prices of Lethal Tactics Key

TASTEE: Lethal Tactics
Region Global
Bonus Bonus
Bonus 67%
Bonus 4.5
-12% OFF $5.82
-12% OFF
+$0.72 Fees
TASTEE: Lethal Tactics Steam Gift
Region Global
Steam Key Steam Key
Steam Key 33%
Steam Key 4.2
-12% OFF $8.23
-12% OFF
+$0.69 Fees

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This product is a digital version of Lethal Tactics in cd key format , and it must be download from the Steam platform, so after purchase it you must enter the cd key in your games library activate the download. Lethal Tactics is a multiplayer online turn-based strategy game. We take command of a squadron of armed units, each with its own specialized weapons and strategic advantages. Maps where the action happens are visually stunning and are designed for constant and frantic clashes between different armed forces, with many different strategic actions as surprise attacks and quick getaways. Learning to manage our teams will not be easy, as each of the skills of different types of characters, to create traps and coordinated attacks. Remember that this game is currently in Early Access version, so you may find errors and bugs in the game.

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