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This product is a digital version of Kingdom Come Deliverance, PC and in cd key format , which we must introduced in our Steam account to activate the download. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a first-person RPG game that puts us in the Middle Ages, a time of turmoil, brutality and continued conflicts. We start as a young warrior with which we go fight and evolve. We will have available three classes with different skills: A warrior, expert in the melee, a rogue, a master of stealth and assassination, or a Bard, with whom we can love our enemies and persuade them. One of the most impressive aspects of Kingdom Come Deliverance is a unique combat system, never before seen in any other game. The fighting will be in the first person, with fluid and realistic movements, and we wield the sword, or bow, in fighting one on one and in large-scale battles. Kingdom Come Deliverance has been created with the powerful CryEngine 3 engine, so the level of detail and physics are guaranteed.

trailers & gameplays

Kingdom Come Deliverance Walkthrough Part 5 (Sneaking Gameplay)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough Part 1 GAMEPLAY

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lets Play (BETA) -Part 1 Gameplay-

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Realistic Medieval RPG Beta Let's Play Review

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