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HAWKEN is an online multiplayer shooter for PC that puts us inside a mechanized machine , or Mechs. In true Battlefield style will control a huge war machine and we can personalize it and put it together in order to annihilate our enemies. We can select from 16 different Mechs , including a slight murderer like Reaper , a kind of bomber called Raider or something like a huge heavy tank . Each mech is unique with its own special abilities , stats and weapons. 5 game modes , among which are Deathmatch , Team Deathmatch, Assault Missile ... But the highlight of this game is definitely Mechs customizing your own style. With a wide range of internal elements that offer passive enhancements as well as offensive , defensive and functional elements . There are also a lot of cosmetic improvements to personalize your mech . A huge arsenal of weapons, among which the Sniper Rifles , massive swivel guns , nail guns ballistic launchers fireballs, corrosive chemical weapons and explosives are just some of your options for artillery.

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