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Description & requirements

Hand of Fate is a game of deck construction, but with the peculiarity: our deck come alive, so that as we go playing cards we can see how our heroes defeat monsters. Gender mix of cards and RPG games. As we move forward in our adventure, we will unlock new cards, powers and spells, and all manner of creatures to face the forces of evil. We will build a deck to our liking from a set of cards and then use them to deal with the dangerous dungeons in which we go into our adventure. When you enter a battle, all the cards we've collected come alive and startthe combat.

Comments and reviews

Amazing looking game which will probably make you reach for your old card decks and just imagine plenty of magical stories.
Meet an old guy who will send you on a quest through his deck of cards, solve enigmas, be kind (or not), get rewarded (or cursed) and get new cards and quests to expand on the replayability.
Not only a card game, you also have 3rd person phases where you have to fight against anything from skeletons to giant lizards.
Replenish your health, sell your items and venture on another card aventure!


This game looks amazing

superfletch August 11, 2015
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trailers & gameplays

Hand of Fate 2 Gameplay Demo - E3 2016

Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 01 - "More Than Just A Card Game!!!" 1080p PC PS4 Xbox One

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Hand of Fate Gameplay (PC HD)

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