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You can buy Good Robot cd key for PC in digital download version at the best price from our selection of the best online gaming stores! This product is a CD key or digital serial for Good Robot wich you will must activated through the Steam games platform. Good Robot is a platform and shooting game in which a robot handle a number of unique qualities. We will explore randomly generated levels in a mega city dominated by robots and mega corporations. Our robot will have at its disposal a huge arsenal, with advanced weapons technology, such as laser mortar or plasma shotgun among other devastating weapons. It also has an update system with which we can improve the effectiveness of weapons investing the money we concurrently pursue as we move forward. The story takes us to a future where mankind has been forced to build cities underground, and where a mega corporation, PyroCorp, was responsible for saving humanity building an army of intelligent robots for such task. Now robots have gone crazy and are exterminating all humans of underground cities. It is for this reason that PyroCorp has placed all hope of humanity in our Robot, and has given us a mission to kill all the robots that have lost control. But quiet, to save humanity, PyroCorp will grant us the latest technology in robot destruction. Please review all information of each store before making your purchase, as well as the version of the game and methods of discharging the title. In case of any doubt (about the version, download forms, ...) contact with the store for more information about the product.

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