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Galaxy on fire 2
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Watch Galaxy on fire 2 trailer

Watch Galaxy on fire 2  trailer

Experience an unprecedented outer space adventure – in Full HD! The war for the galaxy has begun! The galaxy’s ablaze with alien terror and deceit. The unstable peace between the different intergalactic factions is at risk when a mysterious alien armada known as Voids uses sophisticated wormhole technology to raid defenceless cargo ships and convoys in the territories of the Terrans, Vossk, Nivelians and Midorians. Assuming the role of the hot-headed space war hero and mercenary Keith T. Maxwell, you will have to face this seemingly invincible enemy and save the galaxy from its impending destruction on the hands of the Voids. Danger, thrill and passion will be your constant companions as you set course for the final frontier and engage in an epic spacefaring adventure that requires you to display tactical intuition, diplomatic refinement, fighting spirit and bravery in equal shares. The galaxy’s on fire and only you can beat down the flames!

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16 comments about Galaxy on fire 2


slordmc on October 05, 2014

I'ts a really godd game


firelots on October 05, 2014

This game have a lot of god graphics


SuperKiller2 on October 03, 2014

Heard about this game from a friend... I want it!!


ShinValkyrie on October 03, 2014

A good game, would love to try it out =D


santiago903 on October 03, 2014

This game is amazing and I want it!!


SephirothOmen on October 03, 2014

A good space game :) Like it


AzureDeath on October 03, 2014

A really nice game =) Liked the videos


Quikzen on October 02, 2014

Space sim just what i need. Looks sweet.


holla on October 02, 2014

The gameplay looks pretty nice !


durrick on September 30, 2014

Definitely a recommendable game for fans of the genre!

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