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Frozen Synapse Prime
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Watch Frozen Synapse Prime  trailer

Frozen Synapse is a game 1vs1 seen from above and turn based system, in which the player must plan a tactic to his team in order to achieve the objective set. To do so the player can create a route across the stage to simulate the shift in the simulation is able to control things like the possible route of the enemy, the speed of the drive, where to look, its state (crouching or not) among others. The game offers more than 10 game modes, from a so-called "Hostage" in which one of the two players must neutralize the other in order to free the hostages, while the other shall keep the hostages for a certain number shifts within a small space on the map, to one called "charge" where the two players will compete for picking up small parts of the map and take out of it, to the typical "extermination" mode where two players must compete for own survival as well as kill the opponent. There is also a variable of each game mode called "Dark" in which the player will not see at any time the opponent in front of him.

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