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Forge is an online, class based multiplayer shooter set in a distinct fantasy universe. Forge features only the best aspects of MMO and FPS class based combat to provide a multiplayer gameplay experience unlike anything you\'ve played before. A malicious being named The Devourer has swallowed the great pantheon of gods. Seeking escape, the trapped gods have deceived great warriors, zealous adherents and placed them on a faceless world called FORGE, designed sacrifice the weakest of these warriors in order to grow their own power. Choosing one of five unique warrior classes, the player must battle head-to-head with other players in a bid to free their god from the clutches of The Devoure.

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ZeniMax Files Lawsuit Against Samsung for Gear VR

Bethesda parent company ZeniMax has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for its Gear VR headset According to the legal documents filed by ZeniMax Samsung's headset is based on ZeniMax's intellectual property shared by id Software co-founder John Carmack in breach of an NDA The lawsuit alleges that Samsung has used and continues to utilize ZeniMax s VR technology or derivatives thereof that was misappropriated by Oculus now owned by Facebook in its Samsung Gear VR which continues to be powered by Oculus ZeniMax is seeking damages injunctive relief court costs and all other relief to which ZeniMax is entitled as…

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Ubisoft 'Not Forgetting Splinter Cell,' Says CEO

While it's been quite a few years since Ubisoft released a new Splinter Cell game the publisher has not forgotten about its stealth series During today's YouTube Live at E livestream Geoff Keighley asked Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot if fans can expect to see the return of Splinter Cell soon to which Guillemot replied I can't say much about that But for sure all the Clancy games are taken care of It's just we have quite a lot on our plate at the moment Guillemot went on to note how there's still an active player base for The Division and…

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13 Unforgettable Universal Monster Moments

This past weekend Universal launched its all-new take on their classic monster movie pantheon known as the Dark Universe with The Mummy starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella Naturally this means it s time to look back at the original films that inspired this latest iteration and that s not difficult to do when you re a monster kid like so many of us you ve been living with these movies throughout your entire life watching them over and over And certain moments in particular elevate those movies to the level of classic so let s look at of them…

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Dark Days: The Forge Reveals Batman's Terrible Secret

Dark Days The Forge set the stage for this summer's event comic Dark Nights metal in a pretty huge way Warning this article contains spoilers for Dark Days The Forge The Forge lays the groundwork for the big mystery driving the events of Metal reintroducing the Carter Hall version of Hawkman and hinting that Thanagarian Nth Metal has ties to something outside the scope of the traditional DC Universe That's a mystery Batman has already spent years trying to unravel especially following his encounters with other mysterious super-powered metals like Electrum in the Court of Owls storyline and Dionesium in…

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Dark Days: The Forge #1 Review

In some ways Dark Nights Metal seems to be coming at an inopportune time With so much of the DCU laser-focused on the rebirth status quo and the build-up to Doomsday Clock this winter here DC is dropping another major event comic driven by a completely separate mystery and with its own far-reaching ramifications for the DCU That said readers will have no problem becoming invested in this epic conflict after reading Dark Days The Forge This prologue issue deftly establishes the scope and tone of this conflict showing that Metal is rapidly shaping up to be the most ambitious…

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13 Unforgettable Universal Monster Moments

We look back at some of the memorable moments from the original Universal shared universe of monster movies…

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What Remains of Edith Finch director Ian Dallas reflects on his unforgettable family drama

What Remains of Edith Finch a surreal anthology of short stories centred around an eccentric uniquely unlucky family was borne underwater Creative director Ian Dallas best known for the whimsical PS curio The Unfinished Swan previously told us that this follow-up effort was inspired by a scuba diving excursion We were shooting for this sense of the sublime Dallas tells me more recently over Skype This thing that is simultaneously fearful and overwhelming That's not an easy feeling to capture but it's one Dallas and company at developer Giant Sparrow achieve in spades Amusingly the Santa Monica-based studio's final game…

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We Reveal 5 New Shadowverse: Starforged Legends Cards

Shadowverse s newest expansion Starforged Legends will be out on September and is bringing new cards themed around the heavens to the game From what we ve seen of the set so far that means cards based around constellations and the zodiac as well as a healthy dose of Greek mythology Medusa Perseus and the like And let s not forget truly heavenly bodies Continue reading…

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