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As of Friday 19/07/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for For Honor Gold Edition on PC is $48.00.Check out our recommendations!

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For Honor Gold Edition is the final edition of the new Ubisoft game, due to be released on February 14, 2017. For Honor Gold Edition includes: The base game For Honor, in digital version downloadable from Uplay, as well as the Season Pass of the game, which will grant us access to all the content extras, expansions and DLCs that are launched throughout the year. It also incorporates the bonus of the deluxe edition, which includes a unique death move, three helmets, one for each of the warriors available, a boost package and an exclusive emblem. For honor is one of the new franchises Ubisoft and one of the most awaited, due to the spectacular graphics and their fighting, where we will can choose 3 warriors of different civilizations: On the one hand we will can choose a medieval knight, armed with his heavy armor and his sword to two hands. A viking warrior, armed with his axe. And an agile samurai, armed with his fearsome katana. Each of these warriors has unique movements and among our objectives will be conquering the camps and cities of other civilizations through sieges full of warriors fighting on the battlefield. Do not forget to carefully read the information in each store about this version, as it may contain additional bonuses or regional locks.

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4.5/5 (13 Comments in all languages)


2018-09-13 11:14:10

Bought it. There is a learning curve for sure in this one. But the combat is very well done. You can parry,counterattack,deflect and ofcourse attack. Raging will happen for sure but younhave to take it with it :) .


2017-12-24 20:32:56

so ive played this game on ps4 and fell in love with it even with the balancing and connection stability issues. after selling my ps4 i went about 8 months without this game and now hopping back iinto it i can see the changes that have been made to the game between smoothness and just overall visual quality i am very impressed with the steps the game has made. still gonna have to play some more pvp to see if balance is still an issue but as long as there is counterplay there is balance and people confuse lack of skill with balancing issues,


2017-08-22 12:39:26

Best game, if the game would have dedicated servers. Wait for this, beacause is nera to launch the dedicated servers Ubisoft, one week, two weeks...


2017-02-24 16:53:08

Recomendado 100%

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