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What is the key for Football Manager 2015 on PC?

It is a key that will allow you to download the game Football Manager 2015 on your PC from official download platforms.

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As of Tuesday 23/04/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Football Manager 2015 on PC is $16.80.Check out our recommendations!

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Football Manager 2015 is the next installment of one of the football management team simulators more realistic and complete ever created. The launch is scheduled for November 2014 in PC, Macintosh and Linux. Like their previous releases, the Football Manager franchise is a completely realistic, deep and involving in the management of a football team experience, with which we can take our team to the top of world football. More than 50 clubs from countries around the world, including the biggest teams in European league. It allows us to feel like the real resource manager of the club, may decide such important issues as the signings, the owners, total control of tactics, substitutions, ... and many more features. We feel as authentic team managers of our dreams. In addition, this new season is full of additives and extras from previous deliveries, as new features and gameplay enhancements.

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