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Watch FEAR 3  trailer

F.E.A.R. 3 includes features such as "co-op, an evolved cover system, and more scares", according to Day 1 Studios founder and president Denny Thorley.[3] In the game, the players control either Point Man or Paxton Fettel, the protagonist and antagonist, respectively, from the first game, F.E.A.R.. The control system for the Point Man is the same as the previous two games, giving the player a command list typical of most first person shooter games (the ability to fire weapons, throw grenades, melee, activate/use items etc), as well as the ability to slow time. As Fettel, the player assists the Point Man by using telekinesis, stun, possession, a melee attack unique to Fettel and other abilities. In addition to these abilities, the player also has full access to the abilities of any character Fettel possesses. Both characters have the ability to access and control enemy technology (such as mech suits). Also, the game has both online and offline Co-Op play. And as confirmed at last year's E3, there is split-screen Co-Op. Once you complete a level as Point Man, you can then replay that level in single player as Paxton Fettel.

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fdrph on March 08, 2015

Looks great!

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