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It is a key that will allow you to download the game Extreme Roads USA on your PC from official download platforms.

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As of Tuesday 23/04/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Extreme Roads USA on PC is $1.72.Check out our recommendations!

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Extreme Roads USA is a driving freight transport truck game where we must be prepared for all the challenges and obstacles of the most dangerous roads of USA. We will perform the tasks assigned in the shortest time possible, choosing the trucks to each mission and transport all kinds of goods along the most difficult routes. The money earned after successfully completing tasks, can be spent on new trucks and upgrades. The title has a huge customizing trucks, both visually and internally, including logos and plaques. Personalization can be extended with our own pictures for logos on the doors and the license plates of the windows. Each truck and trailer offer a unique function and manipulation, designed to upgrade our driving skills. Test your nerves and determine if you have what it takes to become the \"King of the Road\".

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