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Watch Evochron Legacy  trailer

From the following list of online stores, you can compare the best prices for digital serial or cd key of Evochron Legacy, that is, the digital version of Evochron Legacy and downloadable directly from Steam gaming platform. Remember that this title is a digital edition, no physical version, so in a few minutes, after receiving the CD key or serial of Evochron Legacy by email, you can start downloading instantly from your Steam account. Evochron Legacy is a spacecraft simulator, where you can be a fighter pilot, pirate, traders, ... any of the roles that we can think. At our disposal we have a vast universe to explore, where we can perform many actions such as trade, carry out espionage, make space race with the swift ships, carry out escort merchant, respond to emergency calls from other ships, tasks mining and then to sell the minerals, VIP protection missions, we can recruit more members for our crew, fuel harvesting, building stations / cities, and many other tasks. Besides the huge amount of tasks, as we go getting loans we can invest to enhance our ship, change weapons, pay our crew .... A huge and vast universe full of options that will make lovers space simulators, such as the X3 saga or Elite Dangerous, enjoy for hours. It notes that the graphic level the game is really impressive, as the soundtrack, which causes a great game immersion. Remember that all stores we have listed in Gocdkeys have been tested by our users and our team so they are totally reliable, yet, we have a stand to solve any problem with any store, so please contact us from the tab "Contact" and we will fix it.

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hmill901 on July 02, 2016

This is an awesome space sim. Packed full of what I've been wanting in the genre for a long time.

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