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Compare the best prices and deals for the digital version, or cd key, of Dreadnought for PC. Remember that this product is a digital version and after buying Dreadnought you will receive a digital code or cd key by email that your must add in you account in the official website of the game, in this case greybox. Currently there are two founder packages to buy: HUNTER PACK and MERCENARY PACK. The Dreadnought HUNTER PACK includes: access to the closed beta which starts on 29 April 2016, 500 Grey Box Coins, which is the ingame currency. 7 Days of Elite State since the official launch of the game, which will allow us to level up faster and get more points and coins in each game. Hunter exclusive decal, emblem and coating for our ship. 2 Fleet Recruitment packs, which are two entrances to the beta for our friends. And the Morningstar ship (Middle Dreadnought), a ship of average to start with our adventure. MERCENARY PACK package includes: 3000 Grey Box Coins, 30 Days of Elite State since the official launch of the game, which will allow us to level up faster and get more points and coins in each game. Mercenary exclusive sticker, plus an emblem and coating for our ship. 4 Fleet Recruitment packs, which are four entrances to the beta. And 5 ships: The Morningstar (Medium Dreadnought), The Outis (Medium Corvette), The Silesia (Light Artillery Cruiser), The huscarl (Heavy Destroyer) and The Kali (Heavy Tactical Cruiser). In Dreadnought we´ll in control huge battleships with which we can fight in 5v5 battles in space and through the skies of various planets. Our goals are simple: Defeating our enemies and win credits and points to evolve our ships and make them more efficient in combat, through improvements in our arsenal, armor, ... Currently founder packages can only be purchased at the official store of Greybox, but access to the beta will be available in several stores. Remember to check all stores for more information about the product (versions, download methods,...). Remember also that Gocdkeys is a price comparison and does not sell anything directly, but we offer support to our users (through the Contact tab) to solve any problems that may arise with any of the online stores.

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shadowkiller486 July 27, 2016
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news & articles

Dreadnought is a Hero Shooter in Giant Spaceships

Imagine a fleet of starships comprised of science fiction's most famous vessels The massive Galactica floating alongside the Millenium Falcon while Han bobs around a nearby Starfleet Medical Cruiser This is the idea behind Dreadnought - that each player's ship fills the archetypal role of a team member that would otherwise be a uniquely specialized character Instead of playing as The Heavy or Reinheardt for example I climbed into the captain's chair of a mile-long Destroyer-class starship And while it took a few lives to get the hang of piloting my massive vessel this concept worked remarkably well There are…

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Yager’s spaceship ’em up Dreadnought hits open beta

Honking great spaceships are now blasting each other in the newly-launched open beta of Dreadnought official site Made by Spec Ops The Line studio Yager it s a multiplayer class-based shooter were folks play as capital-class spaceships You know the big ones After a year in closed beta testing now it s open to all who sign up over here with publishers Grey Box visit site to read more…

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Free PS4 Open Beta For Tactical Space Combat Game Dreadnought Begins Today

All PlayStation players are now getting the chance to try Dreadnought As of today the tactical team-based strategy game has a free open beta on the PlayStation Store The game has been in closed beta on PS for some time and an open PC beta is currently underway too You can check out the epic new trailer below Dreadnought takes a different slant on space combat than many other tactical strategy games you command giant capital ships in big battles There are more than different ships to play across five different ship classes all of which let you customize their…

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trailers & gameplays

Strain's First Look: Dreadnought - PC Spaceship Gameplay

Dreadnought Gameplay, Zoro and Fester Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

EPIC SPACE COMBAT! | Dreadnought Gameplay Multiplayer

Let's Try Dreadnought Gameplay :EP1: Epic Space Battles! (Space Shooter 1080p)

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