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Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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Watch Deus Ex: Human Revolution  trailer

The different "pillars of gameplay", as called by the developers, are "Combat", "Stealth", "Hacking", and "Social". Players can switch between these gameplay types whenever they please, and certain pillars may flow into others. For example, a failed hack may sound an alarm and start a fight, and social skills might lead to the player gaining access to certain areas more easily than otherwise possible (thus avoiding the need for stealth). In the series, Augmentations are technological modifications to the human body that grant the user superhuman abilities. While augmentations in the first two games were based on nanotechnology,Human Revolution instead features mechanical augmentations as it precedes the first games chronologically. As players progress through the game, they can activate augmentations catering to each of the four gameplay types.

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8 comments about Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Ali_HM_00 on February 28, 2016

i hope get it


stalin_jorge_yepez on April 30, 2015



mobin70 on April 08, 2015

very boring !! not recomended


mobin70 on April 07, 2015

very bad !! i dont like this

not recomended


fdrph on March 08, 2015

Really fun to play and good looking


Lawa on March 07, 2015

This is a gream game ! I like it !


hoffnung57 on January 28, 2015

Un excellent jeu de pure Sci-Fi ! RPG FPS réussit !


FullPower88 on December 01, 2014

Juegazo , excelente compra

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