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Watch BLADESTORM Nightmare  trailer

Compare the best deals and buy BLADESTORM Nightmare cd key at the best price on the Internet. It is a digital version, that is, you will recive a digital cd code for BLADESTORM Nightmare into your email and you must enter it into your Steam user account. BLADESTORM Nightmare offers a military experience like few games. In this title, we will become mercenaries during the Hundred Years' War and we´ll can lead in battle squads composed by all kinds of soldiers: Archers, heavy infantry with spear, swordsmen, troops with guns, ... any man on foot with a weapon. Nightmare Bladestorm is a strategy game, as our main mission is to lead our armies in the battle to crush our enemies. We have at our disposal four squads in total, which may consist of more than 200 men, so we will can see massive battles between units and all with a high graphic level. On the technical side, being an adaptation of consoles, we can set the graphics settings to our liking, as the number of characters on screen, the viewing distance, and so on, based on the specifications of your PC, allowing play an ultra level of detail with powerful computers, allowing activation of DirectX11, which will give the best graphics with very high FPS. Do not forget that all the stores that we have listed in gocdkeys have been tested and verified by our team, so they are totally reliable (you can read reviews and ratings on shops in the + info, button find next to each), still we recommend to you read all the information about this product at each store.

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