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Un excellent game and i want playa it's game

maxtil989 June 27, 2016

WTF? its amazing!!!

Gutz87 September 28, 2014
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Beasts of Prey is a survival game MMOFPS with a huge randomly generated world that increase based on the population of headings, so more players there are in our world, it will be more biggest and varied. But remember that danger lurks everywhere and make the struggle for survival even more difficult, since hungry carnivorous beasts of our flesh, to other players. Like most adventure of survival, we will start with a combat knife and we can access more advanced technologies through research and resource gathering, processing goods and the construction of buildings such as houses, factories and defenses. So the resources have a very important role, so we must conquer and defend the resource access points. We can build outposts and towns, and conquer enemy cities or destroy them, for that the game offers complete freedom of action. We can create an empire, forge alliances or conquest points of valuable resources. All actions have an impact on the dynamic game world.

trailers & gameplays

Construyendo la mini casa - Beast of Prey | Gameplay Español

Beasts of Prey Gameplay Part 1: BEST SURVIVAL GAME EVER!!!

Beasts of Prey Gameplay - Part 1 "First Impressions"

Beasts Of Prey Série #1 [PT-BR] Conhecendo o Jogo!

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