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The successful Battlefield franchise strikes again with a totally different from what seen so far in this multiplayer shooter. With Battlefield Hardline, fighting urban become, instead of huge battlefields between different armies, where thieves and police are fighting in a frenzy war. This new edition continues to combine the main aspects of the Battlefield series, centered on an intense multiplayer mode, but this time with a story set in the street wars between criminals and police. Battlefield Hardline have a campaign mode to play solo, and which will be Nick Mendoza, a cop whose objective is to seek revenge. But the highlight of Battlefield Hardline, like his predecessors, is intense and destructive multiplayer mode, where you can hunt down criminals, assault and rescue hostages vaults in different game modes. The multiplayer of Battlefield Hardline will focus on team play with a high strategic component. In addition, we have at our disposal a huge arsenal of military weapons and gadgets, which can be used at any time, being totally unpredictable combats.

Comments and reviews

I want it.

Cort April 21, 2015

I love this game it is awesome !!

Lawa March 07, 2015

This game is beautiful.
It´s not a "dlc".
It´s a good game on it´s own.
Recommended buy.

itzrussian01 February 17, 2015

Is this an add-on or a game on its own? I'm very confused. It looked very much like Payday 2 which is disappointing.

Junebug November 14, 2014

Adoro este juego es el mejor

Liopu1 October 09, 2014

good dlc from battlefield 4 xD

soyAres360 September 28, 2014

I love battlefield also, and soooooo much

arkermaster September 28, 2014

i love this gameeeee

sebastican21 September 27, 2014
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