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Compare best prices for Battlefield 1 for Xbox One and buy it in the most important online stores of Internet. There are two versions of Battlefield 1, the physical version and the digital version, in cd key or account format, so pay attention to the information in each store to see which version of Battlefield 1 you´re going to buy. You can filter stores that sell this title along with some bonus or extra by clicking the "bonus" button above the list of stores. Battlefield 1 is the new shooter from DICE, one of the most successful franchises. Battlefield 1 will be an evolutionary leap unparalleled in military action games. In this installment, the conflict in which we will locate will be during the First World War. Trenches, tanks, airplanes and all kinds of vehicles recreated to the millimeter and with great detail. We can drive a huge variety of vehicles through land, sea and air, and we will have at our disposal a huge arsenal of firearms, and even chemical weapons. It will have available a campaign for single player, in which we will travel as a soldier through this conflict, from the deserts of Africa to the Italian Alps. But where it really lies the fun will be in multiplayer mode, where we´ll confront in multitudinous battles on huge maps with up to 64 other players with all the elements of environment fully destructible. The game modes, character classes, and even the campaign will be very similar to what we saw in previous installments of the Battlefield franchise, a formula that always worked well and fans of multiplayer shooters can not miss. Do not forget that all the stores we have listed in gocdkeys have been tested and verified by our team, so they are totally reliable (you can read reviews and ratings shops in the + info button find next to each).

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I loved this game as terry teams.
I played the evil battlefield company 2, battlefield 3, 4, harline and this and all are incredible.
If you liked the other games, you should definitely have one battlefield, the campaign and the multyplayer are fantastic.

rafael2002lima June 16, 2017

This game is very good

ricardocnicolau1999 April 27, 2017
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news & articles

DICE Unveils New Multiplayer Map for Battlefield 1

DICE has pulled back the curtain on a new map headed to Battlefield called Prise de Tahure The developer shared a few details about the map in a post on the official Battlefield website announcing that Prise de Tahure will soon be available to try out via the Community Test Environment Prise de Tahure is set during the autumn in the Butte-de-Tahure region after the Nivelle Offensive where French raiders attempt to fend off German troops The map features networks of trenches that cut through a number of villages Last month DICE unveiled another upcoming multiplayer map called Nivelle Nights…

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Next Battlefield 1 map brings night battles in rural France

The Butte-de-Tahure region will host Battlefield s official site next map bringing sandbags and hand grenades to the sloping cobbled streets of rural France The Prise de Tahure map will be set exactly years ago in the autumn following the Nivelle Offensive where allied forces tried and failed to push the Germans back in central France visit site to read more…

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How to Summon a Megalodon Shark in Battlefield 1

Team up with some friends to summon this crazy Easter Egg in Battlefield…

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Battlefield 1 adding women soldiers in Russian DLC

It s not only French and Russian soldiers who were left out of World War in Battlefield official site for later appearances in paid expansions women are coming in DLC too Soldiers from the st Russian Women s Battalion of Death will serve as the multiplayer Scout class for the Russian forces coming later this year in the expansion In the Name of the Tsar DICE have revealed They look pret-ty gnarly all right but it s such a shame they re limited to paid DLC visit site to read more…

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First Details on Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar DLC

At EA Play today EA shared the first details on Battlefield s upcoming expansion In the Name of the Tsar which is available as part of Battlefield 's Premium Pass In the Name of the Tsar will include six new maps as well as new vehicles a new mode called Supply Drop and new weapons You ll play as the Russian Army including the Women s Battalion of Death which is the first time in series history that will offer a playable female character EA also announced monthly updates for Battlefield including new maps and events Two additional maps will…

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Xbox One S Bundle FIFA 17 or Battlefield 1 Bundle With Free Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider for Under £220

Help us get to likes Like our pages on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest deals straight to your news feed and also to find exclusive codes that we provide for our readers Buy a Selected Xbox One S Bundle FIFA Battlefield and Get Halo Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider for Free Take advantage of this great Xbox One S bundle provided by Tesco while stocks last Xbox One S Battlefield bundle GB - Continue reading…

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EA/Origin Access Vault Adding More Games, Including Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts has shared some details regarding newly added content to the EA Origin Access Vault as well as some big-name games that are on the way to it in the next few months Beginning today Access members can get their hands on all of the DLC for Star Wars Battlefront The game itself was already free through EA Access but now players on both Xbox One and PC will be able to enjoy the complete experience ahead of the sequel's launch later this year At some point between now and September the EA and Origin Access Vaults will add…

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Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and more coming to EA Access, Origin Access

Star Wars Battlefront expansions now available to subscribers Continue reading…

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New Battlefield 1 Map Out Now And Everyone Can Try DLC Maps Free

A new map is available for Battlefield right now though you may have to pay to get it The new map Prise de Tahure is available for people who own the the Premium Pass or the They Shall Not Pass expansion individually Another way to play the map is by joining the squad of a player who owners the Premium Pass this is called the Premium Friends service Also going on right now July - is Battlefield 's first Premium Trials event This lets everyone who owns the base version of Battlefield play all of the Premium Pass maps at…

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Nice Xbox One Deal Includes A Special-Edition 1 TB Console And Battlefield 1 For $240

With Xbox One X on the horizon the Xbox One deals haven't dried up Alongside an official new promotion from Microsoft there's an even better deal going on right now on Ebay Newegg's Ebay store has discounted the Battlefield Xbox One S bundle to This consists of the special-edition green version of the console and controller only available through this bundle along with a digital copy of Battlefield 's Deluxe edition The system itself comes equipped with a TB hard drive and you'll also get a one-month subscription to EA Access which allows you unlimited access to a library of…

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EA Teased New Battlefield 1 Esports Mode Reveal at Gamescom

UPDATE During the question and answer period of the investor call EA said the new addition to Battlefield is an eSports mode pointing to the difficulties playing competitive matches with players The original story appears below During its first-quarter call with investors EA teased what it called the richest Battlefield experience yet EA's CEO Andrew Wilson said the new content will premier at Gamescom next month and includes new maps and modes While it's likely the content is from the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar DLC first revealed at E no specific reference to the expansion was made…

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Battlefield 1 Hits 21 Million Players

DICE's World War I shooter Battlefield continues to be a huge hit Publisher Electronic Arts announced this week that the game reached million players as of the end of June Here is EA's exact wording on the milestone Battlefield had more than million players joining the game as of quarter end This is up from million a few months ago Games sales and revenue from add-on content stands to grow further still as DICE will launch the next expansion pack In The Name of the Tsar coming out for everyone to buy in September Overall EA said it believes Battlefield…

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Battlefield 1 PS4/Xbox One Players Can Now Access Its Test Servers

DICE has finally made good on its plan to bring Battlefield 's Community Test Environment to consoles Select players will soon have the opportunity to test out updates for the game before they're officially released to the broader public As with previous Battlefield games the CTE allows a large--but still limited--group of players to try out new features improved changed content and experiments that aren't yet and may never be ready for public release It essentially amounts to a form of beta testing and is not unlike the Public Test Realms used for various Blizzard games like Overwatch and World…

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Battlefield 1's New Specializations System Detailed, Testing Begins Soon On PC

Battlefield turns a year old in just a few months but support for the game is far from over In addition to quite a bit of DLC that's still on the way other updates are also coming including a revamp for the Specializations system Developer DICE has outlined the new setup for Specializations which will soon enter testing The Reddit post emphasizes that all of this is not yet complete stating T his is early in the development phase so we're hoping to get a lot of feedback and opinions Specializations are designed to give players more opportunities and diversity…

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Battlefield 1 bringing specialisations back

Hello fans of pointless mud-soaked combat without end Battlefield official site the most recent French real estate sim from Dice will be reintroducing a feature that had previously been a mainstay of the series specialisations They are those perks and customisable skills you can attach to your soldierfolk to make you invisible to dogs or more fireproof or whatever They d been omitted from the Great War until now for some reason and actually nobody seemed to mind Maybe because it felt cleaner without them Anyway looks like they re coming back You can find the real list of the…

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Battlefield 1 Joins EA/Origin Access Free Game Vault

Electronic Arts announced recently that Titanfall and Battlefield would be joining the EA Origin Access free game libraries Titanfall arrived for subscribers last month and Battlefield is rolling out right now it looks like People on NeoGAF discovered that Battlefield is now available on EA Access on Xbox One And GameSpot checked and confirmed that it has indeed joined the catalog The Origin Access website shows that Battlefield is available on the PC catalog too Battlefield launched last October and was one of the year's best-selling games By EA's latest count it had million players and the EA Origin Access…

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Battlefield 1's New Competitive Mode Unveiled As Incursions, Alpha Sign-Ups Coming Soon

DICE has provided the first details about Battlefield 's new mode Incursions This is a competitive-focused mode and certain players will have a chance to try it out quite soon Incursions mode features v matches and fast strategic gameplay Despite the low player count vehicles are present though it sounds as if they not be quite as commonplace as in standard matches One major change is a draft system used to select your kit before a match begins which places additional emphasis on teamwork and coordination DICE intends for Incursions to be particularly fun to watch This will be accomplished…

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Battlefield 1 getting new 5v5 competitive mode, Incursions

New team-based competitive mode goes into alpha next month Continue reading…

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Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Expansion Detailed

Ahead of its release next month EA has revealed the full details about Battlefield 's upcoming expansion In the Name of the Tsar As detailed on PlayStation Blog the expansion will feature six new maps a new mode new weapons and two new classes One of the new maps Lupkow Pass is now playable for season pass owners Verticality is vital in this snow-capped hillside that sees the Austro-Hungarian forces and the Russian Imperial Army battle each other Lupkow Pass map Continue reading…

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New Battlefield 1 DLC Map Out Now, In The Name Of The Tsar Expansion Detailed

EA has provided new details about Battlefield 's next expansion In the Name of the Tsar Ahead of its full launch in September season pass owners can play one of its maps beginning today Lupkow Pass which was the first map revealed from the expansion is out now for anyone with the Battlefield Premium Pass or In the Name of the Tsar expansion It sees a battle between the Austro-Hungarian forces and the Russian Imperial Army in a snow-capped hillside where verticality is key The Armored Train serves as the map's Behemoth and all modes are available except Supply Drop…

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Battlefield 1's Complete Revolution Edition Announced, Available Now

Players still looking to jump into Battlefield have a chance to pick up the game and its DLC all at once During its Gamescom livestream EA unveiled Battlefield Revolution a new edition of the multiplayer shooter that releases today for PS Xbox One and PC Revolution is the complete edition of Battlefield It retails for and includes the base game as well as its premium pass which gives players access to four DLC expansions They Shall Not Pass In the Name of the Tsar Turning Tides and Apocalypse Each expansion offers new maps weapons and game modes Those who purchase…

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Battlefield 1 adding 5v5 mode Incursions

A v mode named Incursions is coming to Battlefield official site to satisfy the bloodlust of that digital sports rabble EA announced today Tch v is over gramps Everyone s Battling Royale now But fine fine you take that to testing next month More immediately everyone who owns the Battlefield DLC season pass today gets access to one map from the next expansion Lupkow Pass is part of the In the Name of the Tsar expansion due to launch in full next month It has lots of snow which sounds nice and cool on a day when everyone s going…

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Battlefield 1 Update Out Now, Here Are The Patch Notes

A big new update for Battlefield is out now and it's mandatory The Lupkow Pass Update as it's called adds the first map from the In the Name of the Tsar expansion Lupkow Pass along with a number of fixes weapon tweaks and a lot more Starting with the map Lupkow Pass is set in Russia in the Carpathian mountains It's a vertical-themed map DICE said and it's a pretty nice-looking arena of death While the Lupkow Pass update is required for everyone you need to buy the Battlefield Premium Pass or the In the Name of the Tsar expansion…

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Battlefield 1’s Incursions Mode Turns WW1 Into an eSport

I m already bad at Battlefield I often find myself wishing there was War Poet class who earned tickets for sitting down in a barn and writing sadly as the bombs go off so to find out that the brand new mode I was playing was a v match-up that puts a premium on skillful teamplay was worrying To subsequently find out that the opposing team was full of eSports pros and that I was the only English speaker on my team was positively frightening The match went as you d expect - but in its own cruel way that…

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Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar DLC Release Date Confirmed

We finally know when Battlefield 's new expansion is coming out In the Name of the Tsar's release date has been revealed as September though Premium Pass members will get two weeks' early access starting September Publisher EA is calling In the Name of the Tsar Battlefield 's most extensive expansion yet It costs US AU or US AU as part of the Premium Pass and includes six maps a new mode and more One of the maps Lupkow Pass is already out for people who own the Premium Pass The others are Albion Galicia Brusilov Keep Tsaritsyn which you…

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Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar DLC Gets Release Date

EA has announced that its I the Name of the Tsar DLC for Battlefield will be released on September Those who own the Battlefield Premium Pass will be able to start two weeks earlier on September The DLC will be Battlefield 's biggest drop so far comprising six maps new weapons and vehicles the Russian Army added cavalry opportunities with the Hussars and the new Supply Drop mode The update will also add HDR support for the game allowing PC Xbox One S and eventually Xbox One X and PS users with compatible TVs to up the visual quality Continue…

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Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Release Date Revealed

Battlefield 's upcoming expansion In the Name of the Tsar will be released for all players on September According to the official Battlefield blog players who own either Battlefield Revolution or the Battlefield Premium Pass will have access to the DLC two weeks ahead of time on September The expansion priced at USD comes included with the game's Premium Pass In the Name of the Tsar introduces six new maps a new mode new weapons and two new classes For more on the expansion check out IGN's breakdown of all the new content Continue reading…

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Battlefield 1’s Russian DLC rides out Sept 19th (or 5th for the bourgeoisie)

The next Battlefield official site expansion the Russian-themed In the Name of the Tsar will arrive on September th for bourgeois Premium Pass owners DICE have announced The proletariat will need to wait until September th to buy and play it separately because that s the kind of division that seems sensible and justified to EA Anyway The DLC brings new maps weapons vehicles and a female class t boot more…

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Battlefield 1 In The Name Of The Tsar Update's Patch Notes Detail What's New

Battlefield 's latest expansion In the Name of the Tsar is out today for some players Alongside it a new update has arrived for everyone that includes some fixes features and more With the update and DLC out now EA and DICE have published the full patch notes These outline the full list of newly added weapons vehicles maps and factions that In the Name of the Tsar owners can now access Most notable of these is the complete selection of weapons which are as follows Assault Model SMG Medic FA Automatic Rifle General Liu Rifle Support Parabellum MG Perino…

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Battlefield 1's new Incursions mode is a shot in the arm

Battlefield games have been wrestling with size for a little while Mostly it's worn as a badge of honour - grand battles giant maps The Great War - and mostly that's fair But it does lead to some problems A death timer is replaced with a long trudge through empty expansive desert or mud the front line - quite important in a game based on years of static trench warfare - is often more of a swirling carousel of capture-and-forget control points and the best work of your crack squad can at times feel like a churning futile struggle to…

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Get The Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Bundle For Only $200 Right Now In The US

Looking for a new Xbox One S Walmart in the United States has rolled out a really good deal where you can get the GB Battlefield system for just pre-tax This is the storm gray version of the console a matching controller and a copy of Battlefield are also included in the package Walmart offers free two-day shipping though you'll pay extra for tax depending on where you live Go to the retailer's website here to learn more and place an order It's not immediately clear when the deal will end so if you're interested you may want to act…

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Get A Great Xbox One S Bundle With Destiny 2 And Battlefield 1 For $240

If you missed out on today's wave of pre-orders for Xbox One X or are just in the market for a new Xbox One S there's a great option to choose from On Ebay top-rated dealer antonline is offering a bundle that includes the console and a great pair of games via Wario For you can pick up a GB Xbox One S which comes with a physical copy of Destiny a digital code for Battlefield and an additional wireless Xbox One controller Considering that the standard Battlefield Xbox One S bundle normally retails for and only includes a single…

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Battlefield 1: This is Chaos! (PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

THE BEST SQUAD! - BATTLEFIELD 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

BATTLEFIELD 1 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Survive (BF1 Campaign)

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