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ricardocnicolau1999 April 27, 2017
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Compare best prices for Battlefield 1 for Xbox One and buy it in the most important online stores of Internet. There are two versions of Battlefield 1, the physical version and the digital version, in cd key or account format, so pay attention to the information in each store to see which version of Battlefield 1 you´re going to buy. You can filter stores that sell this title along with some bonus or extra by clicking the "bonus" button above the list of stores. Battlefield 1 is the new shooter from DICE, one of the most successful franchises. Battlefield 1 will be an evolutionary leap unparalleled in military action games. In this installment, the conflict in which we will locate will be during the First World War. Trenches, tanks, airplanes and all kinds of vehicles recreated to the millimeter and with great detail. We can drive a huge variety of vehicles through land, sea and air, and we will have at our disposal a huge arsenal of firearms, and even chemical weapons. It will have available a campaign for single player, in which we will travel as a soldier through this conflict, from the deserts of Africa to the Italian Alps. But where it really lies the fun will be in multiplayer mode, where we´ll confront in multitudinous battles on huge maps with up to 64 other players with all the elements of environment fully destructible. The game modes, character classes, and even the campaign will be very similar to what we saw in previous installments of the Battlefield franchise, a formula that always worked well and fans of multiplayer shooters can not miss. Do not forget that all the stores we have listed in gocdkeys have been tested and verified by our team, so they are totally reliable (you can read reviews and ratings shops in the + info button find next to each).

news & articles

DICE Unveils New Multiplayer Map for Battlefield 1

DICE has pulled back the curtain on a new map headed to Battlefield called Prise de Tahure The developer shared a few details about the map in a post on the official Battlefield website announcing that Prise de Tahure will soon be available to try out via the Community Test Environment Prise de Tahure is set during the autumn in the Butte-de-Tahure region after the Nivelle Offensive where French raiders attempt to fend off German troops The map features networks of trenches that cut through a number of villages Last month DICE unveiled another upcoming multiplayer map called Nivelle Nights…

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Next Battlefield 1 map brings night battles in rural France

The Butte-de-Tahure region will host Battlefield s official site next map bringing sandbags and hand grenades to the sloping cobbled streets of rural France The Prise de Tahure map will be set exactly years ago in the autumn following the Nivelle Offensive where allied forces tried and failed to push the Germans back in central France visit site to read more…

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How to Summon a Megalodon Shark in Battlefield 1

Team up with some friends to summon this crazy Easter Egg in Battlefield…

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trailers & gameplays

Battlefield 1: This is Chaos! (PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

THE BEST SQUAD! - BATTLEFIELD 1 Multiplayer Gameplay

BATTLEFIELD 1 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Survive (BF1 Campaign)

BATTLEFIELD 1 Single Player Campaign Gameplay

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