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Description & requirements

Banished is a strategy game of city building, where you will control a group of exiles travelers who decide to restart their lives in a new land. We start with only a handful of people and we build a city from scratch . People in our emerging city born, grow, work, have children and die. Keep them healthy, happy and well fed will be essential to grow our city. We also build houses to attract new immigrants who choose to settle in our city , growing thus our population and production. We must gather resources to build our buildings and production, in addition to doing business with neighboring towns, which will involve the foundation of our emerging economy. There are twenty different occupations that people of the city can make from agriculture, hunting , blacksmithing , mining , teaching and healing. A game that reminds us of the legendary Caesar and will be essential for game lovers of city management .

Comments and reviews

Want it, it looks really fun

funnyjol March 07, 2016

Love this kind of strategy games. Already have Banished on Wishlist.

Krakocot December 09, 2014

Looks like a fun game

Zded December 06, 2014

this game is awesome

Maximassin December 06, 2014

Great looking game

perfectvillain December 05, 2014

fantastik i wish i can buy it for 0.00 to play it my friend told me its a grat game

matin December 03, 2014

one of the greatest games

jacksonman December 02, 2014

Looks like a good game

Chrysa November 30, 2014

fantastic game to play!

marredpoet November 30, 2014

it is really good and fun

ejfkdl14 November 30, 2014
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trailers & gameplays

Banished Gameplay - The Journey #1 - Colonial Charter 1.7 & Megamod Banished Mods

Banished | Part 1

Banished Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Surviving the Harsh Winter

Founding Sipsburgh (Banished Gameplay | Part 1)

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