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Watch AudioSurf  trailer

AudioSurf is a game that adapts to your music. The player chooses a song from your computer and gaming processes it and creates a level tailor made for that song. The player must control a spaceship with the mouse or the arrow keys in order to catch the colored blocks and make combos with them. There are over 6 game modes with three difficulties, each mode has a different peculiarity to the previous, for example, in the "Eraser" where the player can capture blocks and then remove them to your liking if you are not interested in them, or "Pusher" where you can push the block to the right or left as needed to create new combos. It also features a two-player mode, but you can play with one, this consists of two ships that have two lines through which to make the journey, these should, as in the previous case, form combos with blocks that will be found during the course of the song. The game also features a table of summary scores where you can see the scores have gotten other players with the same song that we've played.

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sonicandspongebob on April 01, 2016

I want a steam key for this game

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