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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG designed to use the full potential of the new generation of consoles. The open world in which we will move is a fantasy world where you have complete freedom of action, it's really huge and graphically impressive. Our wizard and demon hunter returns to the fray with this third release, significant changes from previous installments, and with a renewed combat system. The choices that we are taking along our adventure significantly change the course of our history in the game. Embark on an epic adventure through a world devastated by war. This collector's edition includes a lot of physical and digital Bonus: The game Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for XBOX One, the official soundtrack of the video game, the official book Witcher Universe: The Compendium, created by developers. Addition also includes a detailed map of the game world, exclusive stickers, a protective case, a giant hand painted statue of Geralt of Rivia facing a faucet, exquisite medallion warlock, a single metal box and an art book of two hundred pages with awesome artwork from the game. A real deluxe edition for fans of The Witcher universe.

Comments and reviews

Good version, maybe i will buy it

November 10, 2014

This game is show waaaw! visually stunning to look at. The amound of things to do is insane. you haven't seen it all in 200hours. The only thing that i didn't like that much was the combat but it's still one of the best games if you like the genre.


Very high quality game! That rpg never get me bored, or laizy to play.
I would play it everyday, the price of this game is very good and the version is like woaaaaah... Love this!

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