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The Walking Dead Game of the Year
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Description & requirements

The game, under the supervision of the author of the work, is faithful and follows the plot developed in the comic. According to the same Robert Kirkman , rather than as the action as do the typical zombie games, will focus more on the growth of the characters and the emotions of each. We see with great detail the situations and characters from The Walking Dead where this time the decisions and actions of the player will have consequences in the development of history. On our adventure , we will take the role of Lee Everet, hero and protagonist. Characters known as Glenn, Hershel Greene and Lilly Caul make appearance in it and part of the plot. This edition includes five episodes of episodic video game developed by Telltale Games. Besides the special episode 400 Days , the original game soundtrack and an exclusive behind the scenes video . Quite a deluxe edition that fans of the series and the comic should not be missed , because we feel as if we were the protagonist of this world full of zombies and where humanity has no place .

Comments and reviews

very fun game with mechanics that focus more in the cinematic point of view of the exprience, is like playing a episode inside the walking dead series or comics


Great game to play with friends !

March 08, 2015
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