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Description & requirements

This version of The Hunter Call of the Wild is for PS4 and can be a digital or a physical version. Digital versions may have geographical restrictions so we recommend that you read all the information in each of the stores carefully.

This title is a hunting simulator that will allow us to experience the sport of big game hunting like never before. All the action takes place in a huge, open world, reproduced with a superb graphic level and brimming with life, both to give atmosphere and make us believe that we are in the middle of the forest stalking our prey, as the pieces we must hunt, from imposing deer, through all kinds of birds, to the powerful bison. The entire map has 130 square kilometers of land, and we will be able to move freely in search of our hunting pieces. 

The game offers a unique experience for a single player, but also features multi-player game modes, both cooperative and competitive, where we must get the biggest of the 8 participants who can play simultaneously on the map.

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news & articles

The Joy Of laying down your arms in theHunter: Call of the Wild

I ve never been a big fan of hunting which is why I didn t think I d be so captivated by theHunter Call of the Wild But I don t love it for the hunting I discovered that once you lay down your arms and forget about bringing home the venison this hunting simulator becomes an amazingly relaxing experience If you subvert its purpose almost entirely it s actually just a lovely walking simulator more…

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How theHunter: Call of the Wild simulates wild animals

This is The Mechanic where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they ve taken to make their games This time theHunter Call of the Wild official site You ve been tracking the herd for fifteen minutes and now finally you re close enough to see your first deer You raise your binoculars and edge closer but a branch scrapes your jacket The deer s ear twitches and it turns and trots away You freeze The deer stops and turns its head to look back in your direction You crouch but the deer barks alerting the rest of…

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