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Description & requirements

Attention: The Division 2 for PC may have regional blocking, so we recommend reading the specifications on geographical restrictions and activation in each of the stores. Don't forget that this product must be activated through Uplay's gaming platform, although there may be some version in Steam format.

The Division 2 is the sequel to Ubisoft's prestigious action game, in which exploration and player progression are essential in order to face each of the challenges presented by the game. Although it is classified as an action game, the truth is that it has a strong RPG component, both for the progression of the character and the importance of equipment, skills,...

The action takes place again in Washington, DC, represented as a huge open, dynamic and hostile world in which we will find all kinds of missions, adventures and above all, challenges, and which we can face individually or in cooperative mode, to be able to access better rewards.

One of the most important novelties is that this edition will bring a strong competitive PvP component, where the team and our skills will be constantly tested. 

In the price comparison you will find the standard versions, the Gold version and the Ultimate version of The Division 2. The Gold version and Ultimate version of The Dvision 2 include a year 1 pass that includes an early 7-day access to all episodes of year 1, exclusive customization elements, additional activities and more content that will soon be unveiled.

Comments and reviews

Well, I was thinking about buying, but we got to a point that we pay so the games is published in their platform "EpicGames" and not Steam where is a lot easier, where we have mostly all of our games. Goodbye :)


Even if you bought it on Steam you need to run Uplay to play it. They're doing you a favor by not having it on Steam at this point because then you don't need to run as many launchers at one time.

March 15, 2019

Division 2 is made by Tom Clancy's. Tom Clancy's is a branding used by video game company Ubisoft. So their platform is ubisoft, however you are able to buy Division 2 on EpicGames. You are right you can't buy Division 2 from steam.

February 22, 2019
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The Division 2 PC graphics performance: How to get the best settings

The Division is a rock solid looty-shooty according to our Brendan and having now spent a fair amount of time playing it myself I d say I wholeheartedly agree I ve had a lot of fun swanning around Washington DC s sunny wildlife haven and I much prefer it to the snowy flaming bin-lined streets of the first game But it hasn t all been shooting up museums and iconic DC landmarks I ve also been testing The Division with a wide range of today s best graphics cards to find out how to get the best settings on PC…

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The Division 2 best builds – One Shot PVP build, LMG PVE build

So you re now into the World Tiers in The Division What s most likely is that you re now in a position to mix and match your gear into optimal builds Not much is known about the best builds in The Division given that the game has only been out for a short time However in due course there will be plenty of builds cropping up around the internet and our aim is to give you the best ones to put into one place more…

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The Division 2 brand sets – full brand set list

When looting all the gear in The Division you may have noticed that some of them have special bonuses that are applied when equipped These are brand sets and their bonuses get better and better as you equip more items from the same brand of clothing But you may want to have a full list of the brands so you can start creating some decent builds to share with others Help s at hand as we have the full list more…

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Wot I Think: The Division 2

Developer Massive EntertainmentPublisher Ubisoft Release Out nowOn WindowsFrom Uplay EpicPrice Nero played the fiddle as Rome burned we re told If only he could see The Division s Washington DC a city that has been on fire for seven months He d be so happy This is a shooter about taking pleasure in the ruination of a superpower The United States is falling to bits and it s your job to fix it block by block side mission by side mission It s an excellent timewaster and like many Clancyromps you won t come out of it moved or bettered…

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The Division 2 Exotic weapons – Key locations, where to find faction chests

Sometimes High End isn t good enough for an Agent in The Division You want something more powerful more unique more red on the rarity colour scheme You could just make do with the preorder and special edition weapons or you can go and fulfil the requirements needed to unlock some of the best weapons in the game more…

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The Division 2 Control Points – accessing supply rooms, gathering materials

With both the White House and Theater acting as settlements in The Division there are only a few other places that you can warp to in order to save on the walking The first are Safehouses that can just be accessed once but the more interesting checkpoints are the Control Points You ll need to take over them but once you do they unlock goodies for you and you ll be asked to help with supplies more…

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