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The Division 2
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Update 04-04-2019: On April 5 The Division 2 will receive a great update that will improve not only the game experience with some technical changes, but will also extend the difficulty of the title of Ubisoft up to world level 5, giving access to better weapons and equipment. Also introduced are 3 new sets that will give us unique features and abilities.

We remind you that The Division 2 is officially available in Uplay as well as in Epic Store. The keys sold by the stores we have listed in Gocdkeys, most are for the Ubisoft platform, although some may sell the key to the Epic store. We recommend that you pay attention to the version of the game before buying it, as the key must be activated on the corresponding gaming platform.

Attention: The Division 2 for PC may have regional blocking, so we recommend reading the specifications on geographical restrictions and activation in each of the stores. Don't forget that this product must be activated through Uplay's gaming platform, although there may be some version in Steam format.

The Division 2 is the sequel to Ubisoft's prestigious action game, in which exploration and player progression are essential in order to face each of the challenges presented by the game. Although it is classified as an action game, the truth is that it has a strong RPG component, both for the progression of the character and the importance of equipment, skills,...

The action takes place again in Washington, DC, represented as a huge open, dynamic and hostile world in which we will find all kinds of missions, adventures and above all, challenges, and which we can face individually or in cooperative mode, to be able to access better rewards.

One of the most important novelties is that this edition will bring a strong competitive PvP component, where the team and our skills will be constantly tested. 

In the price comparison you will find the standard versions, the Gold version and the Ultimate version of The Division 2. The Gold version and Ultimate version of The Dvision 2 include a year 1 pass that includes an early 7-day access to all episodes of year 1, exclusive customization elements, additional activities and more content that will soon be unveiled.

Comments and reviews

Well, I was thinking about buying, but we got to a point that we pay so the games is published in their platform "EpicGames" and not Steam where is a lot easier, where we have mostly all of our games. Goodbye :)


Even if you bought it on Steam you need to run Uplay to play it. They're doing you a favor by not having it on Steam at this point because then you don't need to run as many launchers at one time.

March 15, 2019

Division 2 is made by Tom Clancy's. Tom Clancy's is a branding used by video game company Ubisoft. So their platform is ubisoft, however you are able to buy Division 2 on EpicGames. You are right you can't buy Division 2 from steam.

February 22, 2019

If you're the guy who likes both shooters and the satisfaction you get when you obtain the perfect gear in a mmo then this game is here for you.


i felt like this game was a reskin on the first division game.. dont get me wrong its a good game but i was expencting so much more maybe that will change with the next game


Its a nice game, i personaly love "looter-shooters", i have lots of fun with this one, though i would apriciate if it had better story, but game is really fun to play in co-op.


this game is AWSOME! i fucking love to play this game the campaign is awsome too my friends bought it here too and im doing this for the tickets ofc

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The Division will have a short maintenance on Tuesday June starting from AM ET AM PT and lasting for approximately three hours According to the patch notes this update will fix two more nasty bugs including one that makes Manhunt activities invisible to base game owners and a mission-breaking issue in the DARPA Research Lab Last week's patch was supposed to fix that latter issue but it apparently didn't take In other The Division news Ubisoft recently confirmed that a major story leak for the game is making the rounds online due to audio files being left on the Public…

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The Division 2 Big Story Leak Confirmed By Ubisoft After Reddit Speculation

Players of The Division might want to be careful if they don't want spoilers Ubisoft has recently acknowledged a major Division story leak thanks to some audio files left over on the Public Test Server PTS which hint at the reappearance of old The Division characters and more Massive Entertainment the studio working on The Division appears to have kept audio files on the PTS which give away the story for the next three seasons of Manhunt targets in the game For the uninitiated Manhunts are missions available to those who own the Warlords of New York expansion pack Essentially…

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The Division will undergo a short maintenance on Tuesday May starting at AM PT AM ET It's expected to last for three hours According to the patch notes this tiny update will stomp out some of the game's bugs including a mission-breaking issue and one that prevented players from earning progress on Global Event challenges In other Division news Ubisoft recently released the delayed Update That patch focused on overhauling the game's NPCs which the developer deemed too powerful in certain situations The game's upcoming Title Update is now live on The Division 's Public Test Server but only on…

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The Division 2: Title Update 10 Is Up Now On The PTS For PC Players

The Division 's latest update Title Update was rolled out to PC players on May as Ubisoft welcomes feedback from the community via the Public Test Server PTS The most recent State of the Game stream on May touched on the quality-of-life changes that players can expect when the update officially rolls out and also marked the Hill League the last competitive league of Season going live As per the official Division Twitter account players who own a copy of the game on PC will be able to access Title Update before everyone else They were able to preload the…

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The Division 2 Update 9.1 Patch Notes Revealed

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The Division 2 Title Update 9.1 Delayed For Additional Testing

The Division 's Title Update has been delayed after Ubisoft previously planned to patch the game on May following some maintenance downtime Ubisoft explained that it wants to do additional testing on the fixes and changes that Title Update will introduce which has pushed its deployment back The post announcing the delay mentions that the plan is still to have the update ready for this week but that a firm date cannot be confirmed Title Update was primarily meant to tweak parameters around enemy accuracy and aggressiveness making special mention of grenade issues that were the result of incorrect accuracy…

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